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Tuesday, December 12, 2006
My Car and I...
She's called Ciupercutza (Little Mushroom), or Precious, how ever you want! She's taking me places when it's raining or to early or too late. And she's also affected by my moods. For example, these past few days, her speakers have been shouting Godsmak- I stand alone, Prodigy - Poison and Breathe and other such "upset" songs louder than she's ever imagined...

She's also been treated as people treat their cars when listening to such music: driven faster, sharper, angrier. And she's been hearing a lot of swearing....Yes, such music will cut your patience short. And when you're not the most patient person int the world...

Oh, well, I am sure that if she could, she'd slap me a few times to get me to my senses :) And no, it is not my actual car there. Mine is prettier.

So here goes, song of the day for her:

In my race against time I - can't stop
Runnin through the red light - livin my life
Even if I'm gettin too high
I'ma keep runnin through the red light - livin my life

Consequences, reprecusion
All discussion about my loved ones
Didn't know paper had a price on it
That your ice would have your life on it
The cost to ball ain't changed, but I'm trying to
Red lights flashing, but I keep on through
Mom said paper ain't everything
Baby girl wants a wedding ring, I wish that I could sing

Oooohhhh, I'm moving too fast
Oooohhhh, I'm not gonna last
Oooohhhh, smile down on me
Ain't got much time, made up my mind
I'm gonna keep on through, whatever comes is mine

Nobody cry for me
Cuz I, wanna see you smile for me
When I die, look through my window, to the soul
Tell me if you see Tank living to grow old
Cuz too many niggas done died for what I hold
The talent to warm a world which is so cold
Take me, save me, before I'm crazy
The only reason I live is for my baby

Never did you tell me that
Life ain't a game
Maybe if you told me this
Shit might be changed
But now I'm just racing against time, trying to survive
And see why, ya'll niggas drive over nigga's vibe
If you gonna live, know you gonna die
If you gonna steal, know you gotta lie
Get drunk and stay high
Don't de-nigga-ny, cuz they'll never take me alive
Feel me Lord, I'm running out of time

Tank f Ja Rule - Race Against Time part 2
posted by Alina @ 6:15 PM  
  • At 12/12/2006 8:28 PM, Blogger Ryan said…

    You're right, yours is prettier. And when I first climbed in I was surprised to see it's much more spacious than it looked/than I thought. It was a really pleasant experience, and I don't think I ever thanked you for the chance of meething Precious, so Thank you! :)

  • At 12/13/2006 11:24 AM, Blogger Alina said…

    Thanks, Ryan, I am so glad you liked her! I am sure she also liked you :P

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