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Friday, June 08, 2007
Protect Your Computers against Spyware
My worst experience with viruses and spyware was of course before an exam. I am still blaming it on the antivirus software I was using at the time. But let me tell you how it all went….

I was working in Bucharest for the summer and staying at a friend’s, in a student dorm (her boyfriend was in the US for a few months, so the place was perfect for me). I had an exam on Tuesday and was planning to work on the project I had to submit in the weekend, on my computer that was left at my mom’s in Ploiesti. Due to some delays, I got home late on Saturday and instantly fell asleep. The next day, at about 10 a.m., I tried to start working.

The computer hardly managed to get into safe mode. I tried to run a scan, as an expert friend from Bucharest told me it might be a virus issue. It was, as many such viruses and spyware were detected. The cleaning part did not go so well though…

While I was facing the possibility of flunking the exam, I got help from a friend who made the project for me and explained everything on Monday…A life savior, I still thank her for that.

Later on, also due to this issue, I started working for an antivirus company as a technical support engineer. So I pretty much know the importance of a good anti-spyware product. Also, something I found out, Spy Sweeper was the product of choice in what spyware protection is concerned for most of our customers (at the time the respective company did not have a relevant spyware protection).

Spy Sweeper is a highly ranked product, being the most awarded antispyware product by magazines such as PC Magazine, PC World and SmartComputing. It is known for providing advanced spyware detection, thus helping you to keep your computer clean and safe while browsing or downloading files from the Internet.

Spy Sweeper comes with a free scan to let you test it before actually buying it, go ahead and give it a try.

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