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Tuesday, April 12, 2005
Gliding through...
Yesterday I took my first rollerblade ride in Bucharest Awesome!!! It was great, I felt so free while gliding away singing songs form the Phantom of the Opera with this huge smile on my face. About the above mentioned songs, I actually found the lyrics on the National Institute of Environmental Health Science, in the “Kids” section. How weird is that?

Now, to create a “Kids, don’t do that at home” series:
1. Never use rollerblades at night if you’re not sure the sidewalk is in perfect shape. I barely made it without leaving my teeth spread around the sidewalk.
2. Never try to go uphill with the wind wildly blowing in your face when you’re tired.

3. When in Bucharest, don’t expect people to understand what a rollerblades and bikes runaway is. Don’t expect them to get off it when you come closer and closer, because they don’t give a damn about your stupid rollerblading rights! You might get to think that if they see it is marked different and has a bike drawn on it they would stay the hell off it! NOOOO! They will use it to walk their dog, themselves or their significant other.

4. Never use the runaway if you cannot help making nasty, evil-minded remarks when you see such people on it. Or make sure you’re very, very fast!

I finally got home after this complete workout with all my muscles hurting. As I couldn’t really stand, I traded the shower for a hot bath. I even massaged my legs although I hardly managed to stay awake just to make sure I could move in the morning.

Today I am somehow able to move and it does not hurt that bad – only my knees, ankles and every muscle on my legs! But I still went rollerblading to work (they said today was the last day without rain so, although it is windy and not that warm, I could not waste the chance…) and I’m really proud of what I accomplished!
posted by Alina @ 10:34 AM  
  • At 4/12/2005 2:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    There is something in the air today...we have started the morning with an argue...and have just continued with another one here, downstairs...yet, I feel very has become quite common to lose our brain cells over things that should not be our problem...and this seems to be clearer and clearer for everybody here...acknowledgement is the first step to wisdom (no gossip, meaning)...someone is still gonna get it good, there any need to say who, my dear?...all guilty raise their hands while posting on their blogs!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • At 4/12/2005 2:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    ah, my comment has nothing to do with ur is all about by frustration over friends stabbing u in the back...:) here, i wanted to tell u before u told be that...and yes, i am getting so bored much that i even opened a book to read...for school, i mean...imagine the dispair!

  • At 4/12/2005 3:36 PM, Blogger Alina said…

    No worries, sugar! It will all be just fine, quite soon actually...I have this feeling!

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