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Monday, April 11, 2005
Sailspersons - a mistery...
I’m sad to say that Romanian salespersons still have an attitude problem. But they don’t seem to care at all, although their attitude is important even when we make choices of little importance, such as where to buy bread from. Of course, in terms of turnover, small bread shops are practically inexistent. But if you think that us Romanians can really eat bread…

And then you chose to buy more expensive products just because the saleswoman always smiles and is interested in helping you or because at least she does not have a strange look when you dare to disturb her by asking for some details before buying a blouse. Take the “Dona” drugstores! They are the most expensive in the entire Bucharest, I think. They offer you a card-based 10% discount and with this fidelity discount they’re sometimes more expensive than other pharmacies. But there are always two or three smiling ladies trying to tell you EVERYTHING about the product you want, cheap or expensive, doesn’t matter!

Then take Tommy Hilfiger’s huge store near the University. So many sour faces you really cannot help thinking of punches in their face. Forget about the brand, the low sales due to the fact that Tommy Hilfiger, along with Nike, Puma and Lee Cooper’s are as expensive as an haute-couture collection, forget the basic respect you should show customers, that really does not matter. You are a salesperson! You’re supposed to annoy customer with your snobbish attitude, not to make them buy!

I saw the Phantom of the Opera again, hoping to understand more of Christine’s actions. But No! I mean, that girl changes her feelings every five minutes! Now she loves the Phantom, than it’s the Viconte de Chagny, than the Phantom again, then the Viconte, and the Phantom, no, the Viconte. Decide already!!!

Oh, and she died young! She was only 63! Definitely, she wasn’t happy! I'm sure she died of too much alcohol and too much wondering why she chose that pale-looking Raoul.

But enough of this movie, it’s already obsessing me! I also saw “Tais toi” again. One of the best comedies I saw in years. There is something about French comedies that always makes you laugh until you feel your belly will explode if you don’t take a break.
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