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Wednesday, March 30, 2005
Hard to be recognized
Today I went to my faculty. It was the first time in a very long time. A really long time…It felt so strange: like I didn’t belong there anymore. I was looking at the faces of people going by me on the hallways and couldn’t recognize any of them. I saw my colleagues in a class, all of them gathered there, and I just passed by. I went ahead, took what I needed from our secretary and then left. In between all that I met one of my colleagues on the hallway. It took her several seconds to recognize me. She was so surprised to see me!

As I was going out I suddenly felt very sad. I wished things were a little different…Sometimes I think it would have been better if I had chosen something else. For example, just being a student, no job, no problems…Just focus on what I was studying…But I didn’t and I had my reasons for it. At times they don’t seem that relevant anymore though…

I took my first job because I thought some experience in the field would help me after graduating. I tried to be the best editor the agency had and I guess I was at a certain moment, mostly because no one succeeded in handling the same amount of work as I did. After I left they lost one of the contracts I helped close and that really hurt me. Especially when I remembered that I spent my two days seaside vacation learning all I could for the new client. But I also felt this huge pride that no one could really replace me.

I quit this first job for several reasons: I was going to be promoted to the position on company zombie. The reasons for this promotion were the five months spent working ten to fourteen hours per night, five or four nights a week, followed by two to six hours spent at the University. Plus a significant number of papers (that year they were more than in the whole 4 years at this faculty of journalism). Add to that an out of the blue break-up after a four years relationship which ironically occurred on Easter day and a not that great physical condition ( a caught 5 colds in 2 months and a half) and you would probably understand why I left after a year and three months spent here. And there was this other small thing: I’ve been doing everything there was to do in this agency and there was no where left to go!

So I took a break, went to the seaside for a whole week this time with my so called group of friends (something that practically stopped existing after the above mentioned break up) and for the first three days it totally sucked! Then I decided it was high time to stop giving a shit for people that were not worth it and just enjoy myself.

Two days before coming back from the seaside I received this phone call from a colleague of mine who told me there was a secretary position available in a new construction company. I had no experience in the field and it had little to do with journalism. But as I was sick an tired of the journalistic world, was quite able of dealing with a computer (as a result of spending four years with someone studying programming at the University and of my experience as an editor – I type quite fast, fast enough to still amaze people – and of course the DTP and Internet classes taken at my very own faculty), was totally mesmerized by the idea of talking all day in English (the owners were foreigners) and was not enjoying life without a job, I decided to kiss good-bye my idea of taking a prolonged break and focusing on studying.

Soon after that I was talking to people all over the world and learning a lot about various fields. Four months later I was promoted to marketing officer. Pretty much for me if I say I am the only one in the marketing department which therefore I was supposed to run. It turned out great! I’m enjoying myself more then ever and I can say I never thought I could like my job that much. It’s because I can learn a lot and I’m challenged to prove I’m good. And because the company is interested in several fields, not only constructions.

Yeah, I sometimes feel sad I’m not doing what most of them are doing, but that does not mean I would give it all up to be like them! I tried to and it took me only two months to see I needed to get a new job. In the end, it all leads to something better…At least this is how it happened for me!
posted by Alina @ 2:35 PM  
  • At 3/30/2005 2:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    quite optimistic today, aren't u? :) glad to see u in this good mood...(i can see that the 23 years u re turning soon come with more wisdom! heheheheeeeh! u ll be me...old bats! :)

  • At 3/30/2005 3:01 PM, Blogger Alina said…

    not that optimisitic, but you know one of my mottos is "No regrets!" They really do not work! Yeah, very old, I really feel like that...Just like you I guess

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