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Tuesday, March 22, 2005
If you got no love for me, then I'll say good-bye!
All I found out these past three days about Mr. Completely Wrong for Me was about all his new conquests. Hot dates and stuff…So he actually turned out to be definitely wrong in any way possible. A friend of his said to me he only needs a woman who can control him. The problem is I really don’t want to do that. I don’t want to tame a wild animal and make him do whatever I want! And, anyway, the phrase “the light ball has to want to change on its own” seems pretty appropriate right now…And I also have this huge problem: I really don’t take cheating very well. Actually I find it unacceptable. And I don’t believe in the all mighty excuse “I’m a man…” The other problem is that I’d rather not be a name on a very long list of one night stands.

The conclusion is: it’s decided, he will no longer be of any interest to me. The same friend of his said my mind might change if I see him and he smiles nicely to me. Well, not really. Actually my heart might change the decision, but not my mind. And without my mind…I’ll feel it, but will not do anything about it. So, this is another chapter of my love life that I will end before it starts.

I was pretty upset about this whole thing last night. And I even took a long walk this morning (of course, lots of red roses everywhere…). Now I’m writing all about this here and I hope that’s it: subject closed!!!
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