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Thursday, March 10, 2005
A better attitude
It seems my depression in completely gone! That happened, of course, after another share of crying my little black heart out after realizing my one true love ever is actually an asshole! Which was actually good because right know, after almost a year since we broke up, I completely stopped regretting not being with him anymore. Now I do believe my mother when she says he is not worth it! And Cristina…and Oana…It is true what they say about Aries women: they put their partner on a pedestal and refuse to see them as they really are. When they finally open their eyes, something really severe has happened. I was a special case, as always, and it took a lot of extreme events to finally open my eyes and see the person I regretted was only partially real.

My driving license exam is tomorrow. I do hope I’ll pass this time because I do have other things to focus on! And maybe Saturday I’ll also take that long walk on my own, with a more positive attitude this time.

Suddenly, out of the blue, I feel full of life again, ready to face the facts of my life, to clean everything up and focus on me for a change! My birthday is getting closer and I feel I’m getting old. I feel time flies by me and I just let it pass without actually living. I just waste it doing nothing! But I’ll try to change that. I’ll do everything I didn’t do before! Even if I do it alone. I need to jog, to lose weight and get in shape, to study, to read, to go to the theatre, to go out more, to meet new people, to dance and listen to my music, to see movies and to try to write again.

Except my driving license, everything else depends on me! I also have to save some money for the seaside and for my master and second faculty. And work a lot at the office to get the experience I need to finally get promoted to Marketing Manager and maybe have my salary increased.
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