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Wednesday, March 09, 2005
March 8 surprises
The 8th of March, Women’s Day in my country, brought some quite unexpected events. Like getting a flower with my double cheese…Then, I actually went out with some friends and drank a beer and got kind of drunk from that one beer. The actual going out finally occurred after a lot of plan-changing. I was supposed to go to this disco and try to mesmerize this cute guy I had just met. But that did not happen because the whole deal was canceled. At least I found out the name of that other cute guy who lives in my hostel: it’s Dan. And I eventually ended drinking my beer – which turned out to be quite dangerous – with Oana and Gabi.

I also experienced some very nice talking with Gabi’s room mate. Nice to see there are still enough passionate people going to my faculty…Yet he’s only a freshman. I was pretty enthusiastic about television until my third year…This guy actually knows a lot of stuff about any kind of music. Sometimes, if we don’t remember a song name, we just sing it, not always accurately, to this guy and we get the song name, the singer name, and sometimes even the release year of the song. He’s trying to get accepted at a local radio station and I really wish him to get there.

I just found out that I flunked my last driver’s license exam for nothing. That meaning that today, while I was reading for my third exam, I realized the rule I supposedly broke (a major offense according to the examining police officer) was not real. There is no such thing in the law, law that we have to you know, study in order to pass the written exam, but which actually changes at the practical exam. At least now I don’t blame myself that much… Anyway, I will drive according to all the rules at this new exam: those in the book and those in the policemen’s mind. I think I’m safer this way!

I have a lot of plans for this weekend and for the next few weeks. I just want to focus on school a bit. I need to at least get started with what I have to do! I don’t want to give it up now, when I’m so close to graduating. In the end, it all depends on me!
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