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Monday, March 07, 2005
Thinking, again...
I’m feeling a little bit better right now. But I know this state of mine is deceitful…Yesterday, on my way to Bucharest, the radio station selected by the driver – Kiss FM I think – played Morandi-Love Me and Gloria Estefan-Hoy, two of my favorite songs and things seemed to be better. For a while! Now at least the bad moments are fewer and fewer. Once I get started with writing the final paper and writing in general, things will be even better, I think. And, of course, once I have time for that walk…

In the meantime, I will entertain myself with studying for my driver’s license and with the second book of Dune. I guess my blabbing on the blog will somehow intensify due to my abnormally prolonged state of depression. I guess if I follow this every step of the way I’ll know how to make myself better next time it happens.

I’m pretty pissed with this whole thing with Razvan. Him not picking up the phone yesterday and not even beeping later, when it was he who chose the day, really made me want to give it all up. I mean, he knew all this deal was pretty important and work-related…I found someone else to help me anyway! So, it’s been decided: I won’t let him, Andreea or Andra hurt me ever again. Especially him! I mean, I told him this was going to be his last chance…If this is how he chose to behave…He really does not give a damn about this friendship anyway…

So, tomorrow Mishu is going to bring me another book for the final paper and I’m going to go to the Central University Library this weekend. This means I’m planning my work for this paper of mine. I just want to get something done so that I could pass. I just need to graduate this summer, regardless of the grade. I’m through with journalism anyway…But I got my pride, I need to graduate!
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