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Thursday, February 24, 2005
Nothing important...
Although I am getting closer to the day when I’ll se Mr. Completely Wrong for Me, it feels like that day is actually getting further each day. I get more and more anxious and, of course, more and more scared…What if it will al be upside down and all wrong and… Ah, I really should try to take it easy…Relax…Have some faith in myself!

Viorel came back from Buzau today. I missed his jokes but really did not miss being called “little beast”…

I’m completely disoriented. On one hand, I am deliriously happy, swept of my feet, smiling all the time and the whole bunch of being in love. On the other hand, I am scared to death of the fact it will all remain in my imagination. He’ll return, not care, and then disappear again… Another one supposed to pass by me. Or worse, it will be just as I wanted it, but only for a short while.

Strange fact: there is this gorgeous guy living on the ground floor of my hostel. I had an about three weeks crush on him and during that period I never bumped into him. My room-mate did, almost every day. Now that it's all gone down the drain, I practically see him every day. Maybe this is the future of Mr. Com… No, I refuse to say it!

Enough complaining about all this!!! I’m not going to mention Mr. Completely Wrong for Me again until I see him, see what’s going on really…That is a promise!
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