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Wednesday, February 16, 2005
Of love and of love for Coca-Cola
Interesting chat with a friend about how relationships should be. We started with “there is no fulfilling relationship without love” and ended up talking about a guy with lots of money who supposedly had all the women he ever wanted – mostly due to the previously mentioned wealth – but who never had true love. This was the moment when I said “at least money if there is no love anyway”! I think about it now and I still believe it is true. In the end we have a better chance of finding love then of finding true love. If I add the word “lasting” – you can see I’m not even daring to go near “everlasting”, the chances of wealth win by K.O.!

So, now I have a new reason to focus on my career in the marketing field, focus on my education and on everything else that prevents me from having a normal social life… Speaking of which, I noticed some improvement. Last night I stayed up late playing cards with friends and tonight I am meeting another friend of mine for some Coca-Cola or something! Moreover, I am using my job to hook up with old friends. I give them questionnaires to fill up in Regie, so I have to see them on a somewhat daily basis.

Returning to Coca-Cola, I am a very strange person in what Cola-drinks are concerned. Never mind the fact that I never touch Pepsi, any kind of Pepsi, unless my life depends on it – never the case up to now but never say never -, I actually do not like any other kind of Coca-Cola. Only regular for me, regardless of the country in which it has been bottled! I only admit to having a brief affair with Coca-Cola Vanilla, but that really did not last long!
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