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Friday, March 18, 2005
I had a short vacation
I had two wonderful days of experiencing what being a couch potato is like. All the staff of my company were announced their presence at the office was not needed, so I decided the best way of spending the spare time was watching TV. Pathetic…

Mr. Completely Wrong for Me is nearby; since yesterday I think. I haven’t seen him though…Maybe today, maybe tomorrow…Maybe never would be better! I don’t know anymore. Yet I talked to Cristi on the phone last night…Who the hell knows what’s in my head? I give up trying to figure it out.

Never mind all that! The break was quite good! My room mate and I had time to clean up our room, have a short walk and do some shopping. And I’m full of “Ally McBeal” and “Dawson’s Creek” and other series that I watched all day long. I also did some reading. Yet I didn’t get to finish the second book of Dune which shows how much attention I paid to my reading.

After two days of jogging I took a two days break. No, I’m not giving up and no, I wasn’t lazy. Just some minor health problems…But tomorrow I start again. It’s hard when your body remembers you could run and do lots of abs and push-ups and yet, no matter how much you push it, you can’t just get there in a second. This will actually take a lot of work. God, I can’t wait to get home and bring my roller blades to Bucharest! That will take care of my evening training. A more pleasant workout, to be honest!

One of my cousins called me today. I haven’t talked to him or seen him for about 5 or 6 years. And his phoning me today is still a huge surprise. We’re supposed to meet sometime soon and catch up, I think. This voice from my past that I hardly recognize and who is in no way connected to my present has reminded me of all the people that have stopped being in my present. A lot of friends, close friends, acquaintances…All gone…Some of them pretend they don’t know me anymore and don’t even say “Hi” when they see me. Others I meet once or twice a year, always by accident, yet they are always nice. Funny, they are the ones that have never been very close to me.

Anyway, maybe this time we will develop some kind of lasting relationship. Maybe we’ll see each other every month or even twice a month. We used to be very close when we were kids. To him I owe my passion for Formula 1. I was only around five years old when we watched Senna together. I still love the races. I wonder if he still watches…
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