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Tuesday, March 15, 2005
Run, or else the dogs get you!!!
Today was my first day of jogging! After some abs (not that many actually) I decided to pretend I completely forgot about the push-ups (my days of glory with 50 to 100 push-ups in a few minutes are long gone…) and went out to run and fill my lungs with the freshly polluted air of Bucharest. The sun was shinning, the birds were singing, a gorgeous spring morning…After a disappointing 15 minutes run and after bravely escaping a dog attack, I came back home to lay in the bed and recover after this huge physical effort. Quite disappointing, but not that hard to explain; I mean I haven’t been working out since last spring!

Usually, I start jogging or working out every year. It lasts for about a week or two and then I stop… Since I came to college I really became very lazy in what taking care of my body is concerned. The only thing that kind of kept me in shape was occasionally putting my rollerblades on. But this time I mean business (then again, every time I mean business)! Only this time my reasons are quite different. I turn 23 and I guess even a 50-year-old is in better shape than me…

Apart from that, I am pretty happy and have my head completely lost in the clouds due to the fact that Mr. Completely Wrong for Me is finally coming to Bucharest at the end of the week. This time the arriving date is quite certain, I hope!

Oh, and a small piece of advice before closure: don’t expect to get enough sleep if you start using Chinese tea for losing weight!!!
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