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Monday, March 28, 2005
The naked truth: we were not cool...
My weekend was as good as I planned! Lots of rollerblading and working out, hours at the beauty salon, visits and the MTVhits channel which, strangely, is available in Ploiesti, but not in the larger and a lot more important capital city! But I also realized my generation was pretty much not that cool! I mean the number of crazy and wild things we did in high-school was pretty low and it did not grow in college!

But the new generation – teenagers that are now running on the Ploiesti high-school hallways are a lot different. Larger groups created around graffiti, rollerblading, skateboarding or types of music that actually spend a lot of time together.

On Sunday, on my way to the station, I met this crazy group walking down-town. The “leaders” were to guys walking in front of the rest. One of them was dressed in an “I just escaped from an institution” hospital pajama and was wearing this enormous boots. The other one was wearing a very bad Depeche Mode-like outfit and some Tom-Cruise-playing-jet-pilot sunglasses. The others were filming everything using a very trendy camera mainly focusing on people’s reaction when seeing this quite awkward couple. What amazed me most was the attitude of the two stars: they had no problem at all! They were not stressed or embarrassed in any way. They were just doing a great job at acting according to their outfits.

Now that the weekend is over I can remember it precisely every second. Mostly because there isn’t one single muscle in my body that does not hurt. I guess I’ve kind of exaggerated with the rollerblades and all! But my birthday is closer and closer and I’m determined to lose weight until then. Too bad today my plans were totally ruined by a never-ending rain! But there are still six days left!

Speaking of birthdays, today is my ex’s birthday. I could just say happy birthday through an IM but I guess I just want to avoid an actual conversation. So the idea of sending an SMS sounds a lot better. It’s pretty awkward though! For the last two weeks we kept pretending that the other one wasn’t really logged on. I’m not gonna end it or wish he would. But I just wish things didn’t have to end like this after an about four years relationship. I had high hopes for us being friends but, again I have to say this, one cannot force anything on others.
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