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Tuesday, March 29, 2005
Being a little malicious
Last night I saw Michael Jackson’s video “In the Closet” with my room-mate. On a short break we took from admiring Naomi Campbel’s body, she noticed that Michael’s shadow resembled a lot to the moon-light skeleton image of the cursed pirates of the Black Pearl (Pirates of the Caribbean). Man, was she right! And when I think of how in love we all were with Michael when we were 13 or 14! I remember his first concert in Romania and how sad I was for not being allowed to go. Lucky for me it was broadcasted by a TV channel, live first and then again and again and again….

My room-mate and I can be pretty mean sometimes! I think it’s a way of coping with the everyday stress. But we are both aware of the fact we might get beaten some day! My ultimate pleasure is being mean to old guys (50-80 years old) that practically spread their saliva on all young girls, no matter how they look like, what they’re wearing or other significant details. Their gender only is important!

Oh and there is a special kind of people: “sick of too much beauty”, as I like to call them. You can see them everywhere. With some crazy hairstyle that most of the times makes them look worse then they really are, with some “cool” outfit that would give an instant heart attack to any designer, and with the “If I wanted, I would be having sex with you in two seconds!”-look. And don’t forget some very inappropriate sunglasses, preferably worn when it’s cloudy or at night, and the kind of jaded attitude saying “no one is good enough for me”

Of course, most of these people don’t really hear our malicious remarks, but I guess our eyes and the “Yeah, right!” smile on our faces say it all!
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