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Wednesday, May 04, 2005
So you want to know something about computers?
If you need information from any Romanian public institution, you’d better put on a lot of patience and have a lot of time to waste! Otherwise, you’d better kill yourself!

It does not really matter that they’re experts – that’s why you call them anyway -, it does not matter that you pay taxes to then pay their salaries, so you deserve some respect, it does not matter that you don’t have time to wait for centuries before they pick up the phone…These are just minor details that only concern you, not them!

Of course the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology doesn’t know anything about importing laptops!!! What else would you expect? Excise duties for computers? How the hell should their legal department have any idea about that??? It’s not like it’s their field!!! But they will be there for the press coverage if some new computer network is given to a school. They don’t really know how it works, but…oh, hell!

And then there’s the Customs Department! God forbid asking them something! Of course you should be some kind of wonder woman and guess that a laptop is actually called an “automatic numeric data processing (digital) machine, portable, not weighing more than 10 kilos that contains at least one central processing unit, a keyboard and a screen”! And of course you should guess you could find this machine in the “Nuclear reactors, boilers, mechanical machines and devices” category! What? Didn’t you know, you little bitch, that a nuclear reactor and a portable computer are practically the same thing? You ignorant little menace! And, not to forget, after showing their intellectual superiority, they’ll hang up on you without telling you the customs fee for the product. So you can search the entire customs taxes index to find the automatic numeric data processing (digital) machine, portable, not weighing more than 10 kilos that contains at least one central processing unit, a keyboard and a screen that is actually tax-free!!!

But that’s all gone! Speaking of a lot nicer things, Swan Lake was the best ballet I have ever seen. And the leading ballerina, Corina Dumitrescu, is really the best they have! And then there was the Easter!!! Lots of food, lots of fun, basically, lots of everything! The big surprise was seeing old friends again – ex-colleagues of high-school suffering – Corina and Alexandra. Alexandra was actually my desk-mate in high-school and I hadn’t seen her since we graduated!

Of course I didn’t do everything I wanted to do, like reading a lot and rollerblading everyday, but it was ok all the same! Yet going to church Saturday night to celebrate Jesus Christ’s resurrection felt pretty strange after reading “The Templar Revelation”…

The hardest thing I had to do in this mini-vacation was – and it was by far – living for 5 days without an Internet connection! Internet cafes were on Easter break as well and my only choice could have been going to my father’s office. But there is this problem: access to, well, almost all the sites, is banned! You cannot even login to Yahoo Mail! So, I was deprived of the technological wonders….

Viorel is back from Malaysia. He’s making fun of me saying that I gained weight. Well, at least I didn’t gain as much as he did! And then he says he’s in love with me. Yeah, right, struck by lightening! I wish men wouldn’t say things like that to me so easily just because of the evergreen “I would say anything to sleep with you once” reason. And I wish I could say it to them so easily for the above mentioned reason! It would be quite fair, don’t you think?
posted by Alina @ 4:59 PM  
  • At 5/04/2005 5:38 PM, Blogger George Hari Popescu said…

    How about this: I was at the SNCF Tickets Agency and I asked the lady under the sign Information something about some trains. She said, "Well, there is this one and this one, but I'm not sure..."> I said "Can't you check it on the computer". She said "I don't have one, but wait in line and you can ask one of the cashiers, they might know cause they have a computer". :-0

  • At 5/04/2005 5:44 PM, Blogger Alina said…

    This is an excerpt of an old post, but it fits just right!
    Something worth traveling freely in the everblogging world: an Austrian guy at a pretty large station in Ploiesti, trying to buy a ticket to Vienna. Guess what? He actually couldn't! Apart form the Romanian Railway Travel Agency and the Bucharest North Station, a tiny number of stations in the country could release international tickets. And Ploiesti was not one of them. So, he should go to Bucharest to buy the ticket, and then get on the train taking him to Austria on a route that always passes through Ploiesti!!! Only some extra 120 kilometers. Not that much! Only 8 dollars more to add to the ticket price. Not that much either! Then again the next train to Vienna was, you know, not in the same day... So, a night spent in a hotel, dinner, breakfast, lunch, an outrageous delay and stuff... What? Only about 200 dollars... Oh, you had other plans? Who cares! Information is power! Ask more questions the next time you plan to visit our beautiful country!!!

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