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Wednesday, April 20, 2005
When the boss is abroad, the employees start partying – this would be the work-related interpretation of a Romanian saying. Today’s highlight was a new karaoke software containing about 900 songs that my colleague Radu brought to work. So we all rushed into his office to so completely off-key sing everything we could keep up with in English, Spanish and even Italian versions of Romanian band Ozon’s hits. So, I will survive, Hit the road, Jack, Sweet home Alabama, You can leave your hat on, Billie Jean, Feelings, Strangers in the Night and a lot of other songs were practically screamed in that office. At a certain point the boss called and my friend Cristina told him we were all there working! Yeah, right! “I would lie for you” – to quote Brian Adams…

I haven’t had so much fun in ages (at work I mean). My personal highlight was finding Andrew Lloyd Webber’s old versions of the Phantom of the Opera soundtrack that I sang alone in Radu’s office. This was actually very good for the sanity of all ears belonging to the company employees.

Mihaela and Andreea, the girls I went to the Tchaikovsky ballet night with, were first introduced to my blog yesterday and they loved it, or at least that’s what they told me to make me feel better about myself. I saw Mihaela after work when we were supposed to go help her boyfriend pick some clothes. Polo came along and I introduced him to the wonders of IMDB. The boyfriend didn’t find anything to buy, but we (the girls) had a great time checking out guys and making fun at people.

So, as I am quite tired after singing and dancing for about two hours with my colleagues, I will take a prolonged lunch break to re-vitalize myself with some yogurt and some kiwi! Diet or die! Just kidding, but I really am dieting! I guess seeing those perfect ballerinas didn’t help improve the image I have of myself. That is the downside of seeing so many perfect bodies I guess!

Answering to complaints: Mihaela complained I said nothing about the other leading male dancer that accompanied Ovidiu Matei Iancu and the first ballerina in the second ballet. So, I am mentioning at least now that he was no match for our beloved! Andreea even said that she would have never had the guts of dancing along with such a perfect competitor. It is true the other one should have felt ashamed.

More information regarding the ballet dancer: it turned out he was only 21, thus younger than us. But, as a colleague of mine, Gabi, pointed out, if he was younger, I could shape him to please me! Other infos: two years ago he was pretty skinny – thank God for bodybuilding!!!
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