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Monday, April 18, 2005
New obsession
I’m sure you all have this idea about how guys act when talking about girls or other boys they’re interested in: lots of obscene words and lots of drooling, silly looking smiles and other things like that. But if you ever watched “Ally McBeal”, I know you have some idea about how girls behave in the above mentioned situation: just the same, no difference! Actually, sometimes we are more inventive (and more obscene :))…It actually is an amazing view and I’m sure a large percentage of men would be completely shocked if they heard us. We can be quite bad and quite accurate in expressing our fantasies. And, yeah, we’ve never completely given up the “hit him hard and drag him in the cave” strategy!

Sunday night I was at a Tchaikovsky ballet night with some friends, Mihaela, Andrea, Oana and Gabi. As Oana and Gabi behaved like the couple they were (kissing and not giving too much attention to the others less fortunate around them), we had our own private party! We practically spent the entire time drooling. The cause? My new addiction, of course, Ovidiu Matei Iancu. Yeah, that’s his name!

Never mind what I could already guess about his body in the previous two ballets! This time he was wearing this…kind of boxers I think, well, something quite small, the size of a swimming suit perhaps, small enough to show off his perfect body! We were totally mesmerized! The ballet was indeed the best I had seen at the Bucharest National Opera, but, oh, hell, he was better than any man I have ever had the chance of drooling over!

I could always find flaws in people’s looks. But he is perfect, no doubt about that. A completely harmonized body! And I could never imagine someone so graceful could spread so much testosterone! He practically replaced Vin Diesel in my heart, something that I considered practically impossible.

So, my friends were really supportive in what this new obsession of mine is concerned. They recommended jumping on the stage and chasing him around the Opera at his next performance. Funny, none of them actually suggested how to jump over this huge void hosting the orchestra…I guess I should figure that on my own! Another suggestion was to go and tell him our company is interested to sponsor a ballet tour in Malaysia. Again, not explaining why I would choose to propose this tour to a simple ballet dancer and not to the ballet manager…

I just hope to somehow meet him, God knows exactly how! I think that meeting him would actually be one of the few moments in my life when I just don't know what to say. And if you think those who know me accuse me of always talking too much, you can reach the conclusion that few actually means very few/practically inexistent.
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