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Thursday, April 14, 2005
Night unflurs its splendor...
Last night I went to see Giselle with my friend Mihaela. We did what all smart students in Bucharest do – buy the cheapest tickets and move after the first act on the expensive empty seats! It seems I was the only idiot who did not know that was the procedure. Duh! That happens when you waste three years as a student and don’t go to the opera!!! Of course, we could have changed seats before the ballet began, but we wasted the time talking and it had already started when we realized we had no more time to move…

The first act seemed pretty stupid at time, probably because of a severe lack of imagination of the choreographer. But the second act….Oh, my God! As everything was happening at night, in a cemetery, with wild creatures of the forest – the Willis – they managed to mix and create this white-blue-glitterish-gray amazing light. And my boyfriend, a k a the leading man that I fell fore at the other ballet, had this black costume that made you think of a black panther sneaking in the dark.

After the show I went home on foot. The lights were great, the weather, perfect and I had this extremely good mood…I had this huge smile on my face (I’m sure it looked goofy to others or, worse, crazy) and I felt like it was the first time in a very long while that I properly enjoyed a walk in Bucharest by night. Suddenly I saw these huge advertisements presenting the new DVD version of Riddick, now available on the market. So the night ended with a Vin Diesel photo looking down at me in his Riddick costume…

I remember thinking that in that precise moment I could understand these lyrics better than ever:
Night time sharpens
Heightens each sensation
Darkness stirs
And wakes imagination
Suddenly the senses
Abandon their defenses

Slowly, gently
Night unflurs its splendor
Grasp it, sense it
Tremulous and tender
Turn your face away
From the garish light of day
Turn your thoughts away from cold unfeeling light
And listen to the music of the night…

The Phantom of the Opera
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