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Wednesday, April 13, 2005
New ballet to see
I’m going to see “Giselle” this evening. Another ballet night, it seems…I’m really curious how many ballerinas will fall today. I’m malicious right now, but I do hope they do better this time. At least I will see that beautiful ballet dancer that I saw last time. I must admit he really is one of the biggest attractions!

I saw the Phantom of the Opera again…Really, I must get a life! I don’t know what draws me so mach, maybe it’s the music, which is quite addictive, or maybe the lyrics, which are “in a word, ideal”…Still, I promised myself it was the last time for a while.

Last week I was wondering what kind of relationship I’d want. And I got to the conclusion that I want something very casual. I mean something that starts as shallow as any new relationship, on I like you-you like me basis. So I would like someone with resembling interests, I mean someone who likes dancing and partying, someone who likes rollerblading or bike riding or something to allow him to come along on my rollerblading hours, someone who occasionally reads a book and likes more than one or two types of movies, someone open-minded enough to let me drag him to a play or to the Opera once in a while. I do ask a lot, don’t I? But it would be nice to find him…

“Angels and Demons” is a lot better towards the ending. Yet the clues in “The Da Vinci Code” are far more subtle. The style is quite similar, the same framework, but you can sense the missing piece of the puzzle on the first novel. “The Da Vinci Code” has that je ne sais quoi that makes it a record selling novel.
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