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Sunday, June 04, 2006
Movies leading to random thoughts on religion
As K didn’t read the book and didn’t want to care about all the bad reviews, we did it, we went to see The DaVinci Code. Well, yes it disappointed me, as the riddle leading to next riddle part of the quest was dismissed, as some of the facts were changed and as it all was a little boring.

I cannot say the book was the best I have ever read, but the film really didn’t do it justice. And to be honest, I was a bit displeased to see they kept the only riddle I discovered on my own. Isaac Newton’s APPLE…To be honest, I was so impressed with the story about an apple hitting his had and leading to the discovery of gravity that the name Newton and the mention of an orb/sphere had only one meaning to me.

Well, I cannot say I feel sorry for going…We ate out, did a little shopping and a movie is always better than watching TV at home. But judging by the story it was based one and the large number of great actors it aired, I believe it could have been a great story if some other choices were made.

This has been a pretty busy weekend. Yesterday I went at a colleague’s house to a little trio gathering to see a different movie. Tristan and Isolde. I was curious about the legend; however, it was a bit cheesy…Thank God for the battle scenes that saved it. Other than movie we also had ice-cream, peanuts and bear and a little girly talk after the movie.

Then I met K to get something to eat and do a little shopping and got home to see three episodes of Lost which were not yet aired here. I have a feeling we will have a season 3! Also finished Memoirs of a Geisha and started to read the book on the Dead Sea scrolls. I have to say, for me the Da Vinci Code was only the beginning. I then moved to more researched books on the theme: started with a book on the Templar Nights and now am continuing with the Dead Sea scrolls. It is only a translation, not an interpretation of them. I want to also continue with the Gospels that were rejected from the Bible, just to see what they reveal…

But I have to say something, if Christianity is the biggest con in modern history, if everything is distorted and the personality of Christ mystified and modified, well, indeed, the message it was turned into was what we would now call a hook, something catchy. Something with the power to spread worldwide…With what casualties? All free thinkers, identified as scientist, witches, different than the rest. All the victims of the Crusades. Funny how power lies behind religion in any era and is always used politically.

Was this the con? Or was turning the love message of Christ into a reason to kill and oppress people a larger con? God or human or both, He sent a message of peace and love that was then used to lead ward and vendettas. The irony of it! And the bigger irony is that most existing religions are stained by the killings done in their name…

So is there a right faith? Or only faith as a pillar for our survival? There are times when we all need to feel we are not alone, we have someone to stand by our side and to pray to. Does it matter which religion we are part of or how we are called at that time? No. Only the Divine help that we believe in matters in such moments. We all need to believe in something, in a purpose, a destiny, a gateway after death…We see it in different shapes and colors, but is there any of us ready to state: it is just nothingness; we are born, we live and then nothing happens when we cease to exist? I believe there are just a few stating it but I don’t think they really believe it…
posted by Alina @ 9:08 PM  
  • At 6/05/2006 12:32 AM, Blogger Ali la Loca said…

    Alina, what a thoughtful post. I haven't read the Da Vinci Code, nor do I plan on seeing the movie. Maybe one day, but certainly not in the midst of all the hype.

    I freely admit I am still searching for a spiritual or religious path. Sometimes I feel I am near finding one, although it has no name and no leader. Other times I feel very cynical and believe a very cold, scientific view of the world is the right one.

    I like how you raise the idea of the ironies in religion...

  • At 6/05/2006 7:59 AM, Blogger Alina said…

    Ali, I have to say I envy those who have found a religious path, who know it to be the right one. For me it's search, not for God, cause His presence even I can feel around me, but for the right principles. And up to know I found that common sense statements like do not kill, do not lie, do not evy, do not cheat and help others when you can are pretty much doing the trick...

  • At 6/05/2006 7:51 PM, Blogger Owzyo! said…

    Organised Religion Sucks Generally, It's about control and by implication power - it's the duplicity that's the most annoying thing about it. Still enough of me ranting - Peace Dudes!

  • At 6/06/2006 9:05 AM, Blogger Alina said…

    Owzy, I guess you are right in some aspects. The institution a religion represents is usually defined by need for control and power.

  • At 6/06/2006 9:58 AM, Blogger the olive ream said…

    You have a wonderful blog!..its bloody shame I discovered it so late.

    I read the book and saw the movie. I shall reserve my comments regarding both, except to just highlight the post that I wrote regarding the subject. Perhaps you would consider reading (and commenting on it)..

    cheers...and well blogged!

  • At 6/06/2006 10:21 AM, Blogger Alina said…

    Thanks for the visit! I will read/comment with great pleasure.

  • At 6/10/2006 10:33 PM, Blogger doshar said…

    i've read the book and yet, i am not interested in the movie that much. maybe because of all its bad reviews.. don't know... although i always enjoy tom hanks.

    i remeber these same wanderings you were having about a year ago, when i first met you on the blogosphere.... i remeber you were thinking about that then too, and we talked a bit about that...then after a while as usual the events of daily life took over. may God guide you to truth and with it peace of mind.

    btw, i know it is too late, but can oyu send me an invite to the new girls' club?

  • At 6/11/2006 11:28 AM, Blogger Alina said…

    True, Doshar, I am randomly pushed to the same thoughts on religion. But isn't it funny: no matter how troubled and confused I might be about religions, I am always at peace with God, I guess I can always find a way to him, or to my comprehension of Him.

    As for the invite, it is never too late! Is the address I have from you ok? If not, email me whith any address you want it sent to.

  • At 6/11/2006 11:30 PM, Blogger doshar said…

    yeah, the yeahoo address you have is fine, hope this time i am a bit more active..:)

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