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Sunday, September 23, 2007
Planning Trips Around the World
There are cities I've visited and have fond memories of: Istanbul, Rome, Prague, Budapest, Amsterdam, Alkmaar, Hoorn, Munich, Iasi, Cluj and the list could go on and on. There are cities, such as Barcelona, that I am about to see. And others that I hope to see sometime in the future: New York, Dubai, Casablanca, Rio de Janeiro, London, Dublin, Ciudad the Mexico and the list is even longer.

I am the type of wonderer whose perfect year consists of about three getaways across the border and a few more withing the country. So this year has been a pretty good one, overall, started in Istanbul, then continued in Athens and Amsterdam and with plans for Spain. I also like to plan my own trip and I usually run away from agencies because I don't like depending on other people, especially when there's a bunch of them. So I prefer online hotel bookings, Easy to Book being one of the sites I keep an eye on before any such trip.

My last three trips were built around online bookings for a few nights and in most cases everything went smoothly. I choose not to think about my mishaps from Bulgaria that much anymore.

But there is a reason such trips mean so much to me. Traveling to new, unexplored places is what makes me feel happy and free. It gives me the feeling I actually enjoy everything life has to offers. On some great occasions I also get to meet people from my online life and that's a quite big bonus. The reason for online booking kind of comes with the package: it gives me freedom of movement: my choices, my timing, around the clock.

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