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Friday, November 23, 2007
Thinking of Getting a New Home in the UK?
As EU is getting closer and closer to becoming what it ideally thinks it is, a place where its citizens can decide freely where to work and live, a lot of new potential homes are on the market for us, Romanians.

Today, I’ll talk a bit about UK, where discrimination and ignorance seems to be a lot less concerning than in our Latin-rooted sister, Italy (yes, I am one of those who cut Italy of their travel map, business and pleasure altogether). Besides, given the high importance schools have chosen to give the English language after the Revolution, we know a lot about the UK. A lot of us know the language, have a pretty good idea about the historical and cultural environment, therefore there’s a big chance for us to feel at home there.

So, if you decide to spend 2008 in the UK, WelcomeHome is the place to start if you’re looking to buy or rent a place. If you already know which region you’re going to stay in, use the map search to find out more about renting or buying options. If geography is not that good of a friend and you have no idea to what region the cities you’re interested in belong, just use the Advanced search options and just type its name.

WelcomeHome can show you all the details you need on flats to buy in Liverpool or houses to buy in Sheffield or even houses to buy in Brighton. But if you’re a little financially challenged when it comes to putting the whole amount together in a few days, maybe their mortgage section can help.

Why should you choose them and not a local real estate agency? Well, local agencies’ expertise stops at local. If you want to move a bit further on the map, their help might turn out to be limited. WelcomHome targets such needs by employing a comprehensive database of over 12,000 UK based estate agents. Also, if you’re new at getting your own place, their property news and property guides will give you a clue about what you’re dealing with.

The service looks pretty good to me. You have all possible options, a lot of details and a lot of search options. But, and there is a but, they should really fix their nasty search error that I’ve encountered today when trying to play with their advanced options. See I love London, and I’d really like to see what the city has to offer in what flats to rent are concerned :)

Also, WelcomHome is a great name. It makes you feel at ease and forget about all the fuss it takes to move from one place to another. It makes you think of the result: a new found home. But I think the site needs warmer colors to sustain the feeling its name generates. Other than that, thumbs up, guys!

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