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Thursday, May 05, 2005
I can dance but I definitely cannot drink beer…

Last night was a pretty wild night! Do not imagine that I drank, smoked and took some drugs all through the night to make it that wild! No, it only took a beer to get me completely wasted…

My room-mate and I were supposed to go out with a guy we didn’t know. We were doing this in order to keep the room clear for a friend of ours and her boyfriend to celebrate her birthday. Of course we made up an entire code: a question with two possible answers – we stay or we go! It didn’t turn out that bad. The guy was ok and he knows how to use Dreamweaver!!!

I have to admit, he suddenly became interesting the moment he said that after our going out he was going to a friend’s house. They had to do a site using the beautiful Dreamweaver. You probably wonder why Dreamweaver is so important. Simple: a school project consisting in creating a beautiful site using the beautiful Dreamweaver…

Of course he used what I told him against me! He started explaining how tough learning new things was and said something like “You saw for yourself when trying Dreamweaver. Too many buttons, right?” Yes, I was so offended I wanted to break his neck! But I simply said that the only reason I didn’t know how to use the damn program was the fact that I was too lazy to give it 2 hours of my life needed to go through the tutorial… Later on he said I’m a little genius and I should trade journalism for electronics – his faculty. Yeah, right! Do I look stupid??? To trade the really elitist journalism degree to be an engineer like thousands of other people? And my second degree will be in Internal and External Tourism Economics anyway! God, it really sounds flashy!

At a certain point of the evening some more friends of ours dropped by: Oana, Gabi and Baty. I tried to warn him about Oana! But he said I should relax, she’s just like us, very direct! Yeah, right! Ten minutes later he said she was a bit acid, unlike us!

When the funny trio arrived, I decided to drink one beer! Big mistake, because after it I was so drunk they had no hard time at all convincing me to drink another one. So we danced, mostly Baty and I, until 2 am…You can imagine that my plans of getting home by eleven and studying for exams for at least an hour or two were completely abandoned.

Although I felt great and danced until I could barely stand without my muscles hurting, it wasn’t all peachy! At 6 am today, after 3 hours of sleep, I realized I had lost my belly button pierce…I was so sad I couldn’t sleep during the two hours I had left until 8…I only slept for another half of hour…

I called my mom and asked her to buy me a new one from a shop in my home town, but I’m pretty worried. These belly button pierces have the bad habit of disappearing quite fast!

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