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Saturday, April 22, 2006

The human psychic is created so that one accepts his/her limits and at the same time he/she does not want to hear anything about them, thus the existence of an internal cleavage, the existential tensions and a deep ambivalence in our being.

Quote from Hugues Draelants - Bavardages dans les salons du net

And another one:

One of culture’s functions is to create social connections; culture associates and differentiates. Culture allows people to recognize one another or not to recognize one another. Defining a culture is in sequence including and excluding. One defines him/herself in relation to something, one separates an “Us” as opposed to a “Them”, or draws a line, a frontier. This leads to cohesion.

In the same way, when using “I”, one discovers the dimension of a latent “Us”. The “I” is always included in a group, a class, a family, a registration, it carries its own personal identity […] The social connections are established at different levels of the global society, one’s identity is multiple.

posted by Alina @ 8:56 AM  
  • At 4/22/2006 6:07 PM, Blogger George Hari Popescu said…

    A very good synthesis of the Johari window!

  • At 4/22/2006 6:27 PM, Blogger Alina said…

    Or a way of my discovering there are interesting stuff in books that are not my first choice for day to day reading :)

  • At 5/03/2006 12:31 AM, Blogger bart said…

    if anything, surviving in a society is the delicate balancing of tensions, of reconciling the personal and the collective needs and views of consciousness in a way that all people can benefit...

    having said this, we're also always, almost totally dependant upon each other to mirror ourselves and judge our actions and reactions in a collective context

    we need to be independant, but are unable to function without each other... such a lovely, destructive bind...

    thank you for your insight, and for your support... i treasure your input, always... :-)

    keep well ;-)

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