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Friday, October 06, 2006
Why Should Tourists Pay Extra for Investments?

Radu Mazare, Mayor of Constanta, is going to re-launch his bright idea of having tourists pay a tax to enter Mamaia resort starting next year. According to the big announcements displayed all over the resort this summer, the money would be used to insure the area’s security, keep it clean and other such common sense services the tax payers should already benefit from.

Other than this amazing tax, he also imposed two more, the most revolting one being somewhat of a protection tax. You know, that money you pay to bullies so that you can handle your business safely!

So, if you want to take your car to Mamaia, you have to pay 30.000 lei a day, about one dollar to enter. Of course if you are smart enough to stay in Constanta and walk to Mamaia, you will not pay the tax anymore. Mamaia is already very crowded, so you can choose to pay that tax to have no where to actually sit, or go to the other resorts on the Black Sea seaside. You can get to the farthest beach from Constanta in about one hour. A little more time and you actually get to Bulgaria, where everybody says the services are even better.

Photo originally uploaded by Evenimentul Zilei.

Instead of stimulating tourists to come to Mamaia and spend their money there, to have private party investments stimulates, well let’s ask for a new tax! Not enough we are all tax payers, not enough that whenever checking into a hotel there is another special tax you pay…Let’s add more, maybe we get people pissed off enough to finally go someplace else.

Yes, funds are always an issue, trying to get investments into a certain area and all that is not the easiest task in the world. But others do manage without inventing stupid extra taxes. I for one will go to different beaches this year or take a cab to the resort entrance to avoid the tax. Or go to beaches in different resorts…

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