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Sunday, September 24, 2006
Sunday Nights

When I feel a Sunday afternoon coming, I prey not to be alone. Sunday nights are the moments when I am weak, when I’m lonely and always miss K the most. I have no issue in any other day and I have no idea why Sundays need to be so special.

It feels like the end of my world is coming and I would like to run away and hide. Well, for this week, even if I wanted I had no choice. K is in Istanbul and I have an early doctor’s appointment tomorrow. And thanks to la francophonie a road trip from Ploiesti to Bucharest early in the morning takes too much.

Saturday morning, after my trip to Medicover for my appointment, I took off to Ploiesti. Well, a maximum one hour and a half drive took 3 and a half…I felt mocked at. Why do we organize big events if we are completely incapable of handling them, or their rehearsals, without messing everyone’s life? Beats me.

It was raining, but it was warm in the car, good music, it all made the experience bearable. I picked my mom late, but she expected it as there were constant reports on this situation on the radio. So we got to my grandma quite late in the afternoon. I had plans to relax, read and study a little. It turned into a bit of reading and watching Desperate Housewives on my laptop…

This morning I played with the dog, said hi to the chickens and ducks, wandered a little through my granny’s yard and then started the road back, to Ploiesti and then to Bucharest. To find this disturbing Sunday night…But it will pass!

Photos to come, I hope. Smart as I am, I forgot my camera. So I took some photos with my cell. But I cannot find the file management CD…

Now listening: Snow Patrol, Chasing Cars…Thanks, Batty!

Just forget the world...
posted by Alina @ 7:29 PM  
  • At 9/25/2006 12:03 PM, Blogger Ali la Loca said…


    I've missed you, it's good to be back and catch up on your archives.

    I'm sorry Sundays are so difficult. They are for me, too. I guess weekends in general are. It's when I have free time, my mind begins to wander, I realize that I have so few friends here (2 acquantances, really), that I am alone and that I miss Ricardo so much. I manage by making jewelry.

    What do you do? What music do you listen to other than the 2 you mentioned in this post?

    Sounds like you had a nice day with your family despite the delays. I wish I were closer to mine, geographically that is.

    Take care my friend, e-mail me next Sunday if you want! :)

  • At 9/25/2006 1:08 PM, Blogger Alina said…

    I also blamed it on being during the weekend and not having much to do. But even if I am tired or doing something, I have a hard time fighting this feeling. It never happens on Saturdays...:)

    I missed you too a lot. I was always hoping for new posts and it seems you also had a great time with your family. And exchanging emails on Sundays is a great idea :)

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