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Monday, September 18, 2006
Trip to Constanta
Dating back to 12.000 years ago, Constanta is the main Romanian port to the Black Sea. Colonized by the Greeks, the sea received its Pontus Euxinus name and the port, built on a Getic settlement, became known as Tomis.

The Roman leadership (1st-3rd century A.D.) helped the harbor develop in a quite active environment. The poet Publius Ovidius Naso, exiled here, brought more fame to Tomis. Although it represented an important Christian centre, it was also exposed to different lifestyles brought here by Huns, Slavs, Bulgarians, Petchengs, Cumanians and the last ones the Tartars and Turks. See more historical details here.

Views of Constanta today
Of the many tourist attraction the city reviels, on my short trip I could only visit a few. One stop was the Constanta Aquarium. Dating from 1958, the Aquarium presents species of the Black Sea and of the Danube Delta.
Although quite small, it can be an interesting pass-time. Don't expect to get very good pictures unless you have a professional camera. For those who have seen it before, as kids, like I did, resist the idea of visiting it again. The greatness and mistery you remembered might be lost.
Build in 1909 and launched in 1910, the Casino (Cazino) was designed by the architect Daniel Renard in 1903. Great symbol of Constanta, the Casino is the only building in Romania representing the "art nouveau" style. The building was rennovated from 1985 to 1987 and the original furniture was also changed.
Not to miss: Mamaia Resort. The closest one to Constanta, pretty crowded at the season peack (june-august). Presenting interesting ideas, such as this boat-restaurant, Mamaia is still one of the preferred destination on the romanian seashore. More pictures of Constanta and Mamaia here.
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