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Wednesday, September 13, 2006
Do Romanian banks know time is money?
Banks usually inspire security. Or at least they aim to. Lately I just feel frustration. I woke up this morning to go take care of this month’s car payment. As the bank opens at 9 am, right about when I should start working, I knew from the start I will go late to the office and would subsequently have to leave later. Fare trade, as long as it is not in vane.

I got in front of the bank at 9.02 am. They had a closed sign, but I looked inside, saw the people there, and they opened the door for me and changed the sign after this to open. I was the only client. Now why did I spend 20 minutes there with no result? Well because the personnel were still having coffee (only some, true) and because their software was down.

Now I understand that programs and applications have this bad habit of crashing on you. But I also know they did come there earlier, at least 30 minutes earlier, therefore they could have checked to software and called the IT help desk by then. Do I ask for too much? Definitely not.

And seeing the “No 1 in credits to natural persons” Capital article framed and posted really pissed me off more. Does customer care not count when these are awarded? It doesn’t, though it should. So, dear Volksbank management, I do love your car credit, but would love just as much to have an easier time when trying to pay it back to you.

Note: I know it is not abnormal to have this happening in Romania, I know more serious issues also occur. But I also know unless we notice and speak about all, nothing will ever change. A clear example: each day everyone in my company freezes while having lunch at the downstairs bistro. No one has even tried to find out to whom exactly we should complain that they are AC incompetent users.

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