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Monday, September 11, 2006
Weekend stories
This has been a quite interesting end to a tiring week. I think it should have lasted more, maybe one extra day?

My weekend started gloriously. Friday evening we were supposed to have our first aerobics class. We didn’t cause the trainer was on her leave and they did not put that on their site. That’s why we also decided to change gym to a closer one.

I then got home; I was practically sleeping while taking the elevator up. However, I didn’t fall asleep until around 11. And at 5 am I woke up with a killer throat ache (only my left side) that would not let me swallow without hurting enough to instantly feel sleep was out of the question. So I got some Coldrex in hot water and drank. It was good enough for me to sleep for another 2 and a half hours.

When I woke up the second time, repeated the Coldrex ceremony, got into my car and left for Ploiesti. I stopped in front of the beauty salon and while my hair was being died I was waiting for my mom to come with other pills. After the salon we went visiting some friends in a close by town called Urlati: quiet, green, beautiful house, amazing company! Then came back and went to see our neighbor whose birthday it was.

During this period I had been taking about four or five different types of drugs with little or no effect. I took a different type from our neighbor. But what really allowed me to sleep for about two hours with no pain at all were a few sips of “visinata” (a type of cherry liquor). Yeah, my throat is an alcoholic!

On Sunday, my mom discovered a new drug that I had not taken (as I refused all antibiotics as they are quite hard on my stomach) and it apparently, along with the one my neighbor gave me, did the trick. Now I am feeling a little better, a bit tired and feverish, but way better. And I no longer swallow like a turkey!

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