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Monday, August 28, 2006
Waiting for the plain from Italy or Spain

Weirdly enough, both planes of the Blue Air line arrived at about the same time this Saturday. Maybe because the flight from Barcelona was late. Why? Well, not sure. Maybe some small malfunction. Maybe the fact there was a minor traveling without the proper document, maybe both.

We were there, Sabi, Cris V, Laura and I, all four waiting for Sim to come from Spain. That was the actual average: 3-4 people waiting for 1-2. Who impressed me most? An old lady waiting for her child/children with a bunch of purple flowers in her hands. She looked tired, not altogether well, a bit impatient, but happy to be there, waiting.

Is it right? The fact that people have to go work somewhere else because they have no real chances here? How many of them have the luck Sim has, to leave only because they choose so, while they were doing pretty well here? To go work, go study and not lower their standards for money? Not that many…

The work and treatment is sometimes humiliating for these people, yet it pays! That’s the paradox of it all…

Sim was looking great that night. Happy, same old Sim, not tired and beaten down like some others who flew with her. I am happy for her, happy I see her like this and not the other way around. Happy she’s enthusiastic about the University there, about her Spanish boyfriend and husband to be, about her work there.

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  • At 8/28/2006 4:03 PM, Blogger Cristina Vintila said…

    I had so much fun these two days. I have been waiting for Sim to come..she, like you, Alina..has a ..way..somethin'...dunno what exactly, to make people feel better :) I was so happy to hang around with you guys, to go to have you all here, together. I will miss Sim once she leaves again, I already miss you cuz you do not work with me. But, as I was saying to Cris as well, even though we work in the same place, I barely get to talk to you.

  • At 8/29/2006 12:05 AM, Anonymous Sim said…

    Same old? Come on, I'm only 21, this is insulting (just being THE blonde). Thank you wives, you've made my days here happier. I missed you all so much, I missed laughing with you for any reason, and I will miss you so much when I leave. Now I will enjoy the time I have here and I will spend with you as much time as I have. All of you, my wives (we're 7 now in the wives club), are great friends, those that one never forgets... Thank you Cristina for accepting my proposal, and Cornelia, you were so nice to me although we were talking nothing during two hours, and Alina who's waiting for me in bed ( :D ), Sabina and Laura whom I will miss a lot, Vali and Ana (I'm happy for your guys), Cris (sorry for sleeping with your wife, we promise not to tell you all the details).

    I was lucky indeed, I've seen those persons, I cannot understand how it feels, I had it easier from this point of view, but it's still difficult. Maybe more difficult but better in certain way.

    I hope tomorrow I can see you all together again, because after this I don't know when I will come back... I will miss you...

  • At 8/29/2006 7:22 AM, Blogger Alina said…

    Cris, I am counting on you most of the times :)

    Sim, I never said you got it easy. You just got it the right way. I am sure career and school wise it will not be that hard compared to here. Regarding everything else, we will help you through it, you know that :)

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