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Thursday, September 14, 2006
Feeling sick
I find it hard to say I am sick, I want a day off. If I can drag myself to the office and work with a 50% capacity, then it’s ok to come and stay at the office. Time passes slowly, so slowly I can hear it dragging its body through the room I’m in. And it’s been only 2 hours. Another deadly 7 (at least) coming.

K has a different take on this. You are wasting the company’s time if you go to work when sick and also yours (instead of getting better, you feel like shit, being stuck at your computer). True both ways, I guess.

And now I remember that smart doctor telling me it’s all normal! Feeling sick is never normal, nor is any kind of pain. The normal state is pain free.

posted by Alina @ 1:52 PM  
  • At 9/14/2006 8:07 PM, Blogger tota said…

    how are you feeling now Alina, hope u got much better.
    i catched cold yesterday too, that obliged me to stay at home all day long, i dont like to tired myself more especially with that type of flu. K is right it's for u in the first place at least :)

  • At 9/15/2006 4:41 PM, Blogger Alina said…

    Tota, thanks, I'm better now. Got through the sick feeling and got my work done. Then took the day off today and went to the doctor to have a check up. Will be taking some more tests next week and hopefully will get to the bottom of it :D

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