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Thursday, April 12, 2007
Fine Art of Blogging Project
"Internet is a lonely place without Blogging; a fine art, also a science. Blogs are different to different people. In the first project, Quasi Fictional asks you - the blog artists - to share your views on what is blog to you?"

"Fine Art of Blogging" is a project launched by Diogenes. He has gathered opinions from many bloggers and he keeps bringing new people into this. I also contributed my two cents today. Hope you all get to comment on the project and participate, if possible.

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posted by Alina @ 12:53 PM  
  • At 4/12/2007 6:19 PM, Blogger diogenes said…

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • At 4/13/2007 12:27 AM, Blogger bart said…

    my dear,

    a blog, an outlet, a way of venting rage... so many people, so many pieces in the puzzle of life...

    i'll take a look... thank you for posting this... keep well...

  • At 4/13/2007 11:02 AM, Blogger Alina said…

    Bart, maybe you could also contribute ? :) I am sure it would make an interesting point of view.

  • At 4/13/2007 5:41 PM, Blogger diogenes said…

    Brat, you are invited to contribute please. You have a unique blog and your point o view will be as unique.

  • At 4/13/2007 9:27 PM, Anonymous Mihaela Lica said…

    A wonderful contribution to a quasi fictional world. :) This time the mirror was far from being broken. I am glad your wonderful spirit is mirrored by your words on my site too.

  • At 4/14/2007 12:29 PM, Blogger yaser said…

    great initiative ,
    blogging is really a great way to meet intersting people and to get introduced to new cultures and new ways of thinking,
    it is a real phenomenon..

  • At 4/14/2007 8:48 PM, Blogger SaRaH said…

    I thought I was the only one feeling like that about blogging but obviously not.. It is nice to know you are not alone..

  • At 4/16/2007 11:51 AM, Blogger Alina said…

    Mig, thanks so much. I appreciate you giving me the opportunity to speak of my blogging experience on your site.

    Yaser, you are right, it is a phenomenon, and a great one IMHO.

    Sarah, you are right! And in our case, this feeling of finding out you are not alone has happened a few times, don't you think? :)

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