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Monday, May 07, 2007
Where Exactly Have I Been?
Late replies to comments, rare updates, not exactly my style, is it? Well, I have a perfectly good explanation, but I do apologize for keeping you waiting for the Athens stories and photos. I hope to have them all uploaded this week though.

Just before leaving for Athens I got news. The marketing and PR manager had resigned and I had been assigned to all her stuff. Press releases, contacting journalists, keeping in touch with the press mainly, writing all sorts of marketing materials for the site, newsletters, etc. Well, I had never before written a press release. That is about to change now :)

I am happy with the new tasks. I really needed the challenge and it's all in the direction I wanted to follow from a certain point on. It also means lots of work, as I am alone for now and I still have all my technical writing tasks. I do feel everything is pilling up and soon enough I'd be practically buried in work. Help is coming though, in about a week.

As for the weekend...Well, I was quite tired and postponed everything that could be postponed. So I spent most of my time going out, shopping and not doing anything that would need my brain to actually work. It was the first weekend entirely spent with D and it was pretty great to be honest. Things seem to be settling down somehow. And it all looks bright and shiny.

Well, wish me luck with the new assignments! I will do my best to stop neglecting my readers, promise :)

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posted by Alina @ 10:06 AM  
  • At 5/07/2007 2:53 PM, Blogger Ryan said…

    Neglecting? You're not neglecting us. You're teasing us! We want pho-tos! We want pho-tos! :D I'm kidding. I know you've been busy these past few days. But you'll make it through, I'm sure of it! (I did congrat you on your promotion, didn't I? Congrats again! just to be sure. You deserve it)

  • At 5/07/2007 3:06 PM, Blogger Alina said…

    Yes, this is sort of a teaser. Is it successful? :P
    Thank you bro, I really appreciate it.

  • At 5/07/2007 4:04 PM, Blogger Beatrice said…

    I wish you luck, busy girl! :)As for us, the readers, I bet waiting is while worth it. ;)

  • At 5/07/2007 6:09 PM, Blogger Alina said…

    Thank you Trisi! You are too kind :)

  • At 5/07/2007 9:12 PM, Anonymous Radu C said…

    Maybe I should become a fortune teller :)

    BTW, how busy are you this weekend, if you don't mind me asking? :D

  • At 5/08/2007 8:17 AM, Blogger diogenes said…

    Best if luck with the new assignment. Let every thing else wait; heck, not every thing.

  • At 5/08/2007 10:57 AM, Blogger Alina said…

    Radu, maybe you should! I'll be in Ploiesti this weekend. So how busy I actually am is not the question here :)

    Dio, thanks, I'll try not to postpone everything. :P

  • At 5/08/2007 3:10 PM, Anonymous Radu C said…

    Chances are I'll also briefly be in Ploiesti too. It will be a race if I implement this, but it is part of my alternative plans for Sunday. Depending on some phone calls, I could be on my way to Nedelea (west of Ploiesti, near the Prahova-Dambovita county border) for a few hours to see some friends, so I'll be "in the neighborhood". With your approval, I could try to fit a few hours for you too :) It's not like I get this chance every day :D

  • At 5/08/2007 3:17 PM, Blogger Alina said…

    Radu, depends on the day and the time of the day. Bf is meeting/visiting the parents this weekend, and as I have two sets, it will be pretty time consuming. Let me know what your plans are and we shall see :)

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