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Tuesday, June 19, 2007
How Much of a Survivor Are You?
Think of this scenario: you are on your own, in a foreign, city, with no money, no food, no friends. What would you do to survive? Well the two things that go through my head are find the embassy or start crying. I am not much of a survivor, am I?

The only time we had to deal with a bad situation was on my last trip to Istanbul. While searching for 98 fuel, not knowing that there was only 95 gas in Turkey, we ran out of gas. On a bridge, on the high-way, at night. Two police cars went by but did not stop. So Ana and me, the girls, stayed in the car, while Vali went to find us gas. He did, after trying to explain what he needed in English and Romanian to people who only spoke Turkish and German. But he did manage! We had money though.

Anyway, if I were lost somewhere with nothing on me, I am pretty sure I'd have lots of trouble surviving. Unless I find a police station, an embassy or some kind strangers, I guess I'd run out of smart ideas quickly enough.

So, for those like me who would like to find out more about how to survive on well, nothing really, a whole new TV Show will be aired: USA Network's Burn Notice. Staring a CIA Operative, Michael Westion, the show will teach us all, starting June 28th, how to deal with such inconveniences. If you're curious about his techniques, keep a close eye on him. One never knows when such information comes in handy!

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