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Friday, December 14, 2007
And Another Tag
Bogdan tagged me a long time ago. But I failed to complete this tag due to well, time related issues and then completely forgetting about it. I'm catching up now :D

1. Male friend: Ryan and Chief at the moment
2. Female friend: Cristina, Cristina, Ana, Trisi, Mig, Mishu, Oana
3. Vacation: those I had this year - Turkey, Greece, the Netherlands
4. Age: 25
5. Memory: Loads of them, it would take ages to write them down.

1. Time of day: 13.00 - I get back from lunch, am extremely tired and would only want to run home and sleep
2. Day of the week: Monday, quite a cliche in there
3. Food: Fish, any kind of it
4. Memory: my breakups, deaths of loved ones, loosing friends

1. Person you saw: My colleagues from work
2. Person you talked to on the phone: Some guy wanted me to sponsor an event
3. Hugged: My D
4. Text messaged: Same as above
5: IM: Cristina

1. What did you do: Work, incredible Dance Party that I will post about in the weekend, more work, dr. House, sleep
2. Who were you with: coworkers, friends, D
3. Bad/Good day: Excellent Day
4. Lose something: Not this time
5. Fall out with someone: neither

1. What are you doing now: Working/blogging
2. Today in general: Working, more work after work :D
3. Wearing: blouse, jeans, snickers, pretty sporty dress code
4. What did you eat for lunch: Nothing interesting, I feel bad because of it :)
5. Better than yesterday: nope

1. Is: Saturday
2. Got any plans: handle some bills, go to see mom, go to see dad and wife, shopping for winter shoes as it's snowing and I'm still in sneakers.
3. Getting Lucky: I sure hope so, it's the weekend
4. Dislikes about tomorrow: I also have to work a lot...
5. Do you have work: 2 white papers and some funnier things

1. Number: 3
2. Song: Supergirl
3. Colour: Red
4. Season: summer
5. State: the Netherlands, Turkey, Romania and many more. Would actually prefer to move around.

1. With someone: Yup, taken
2. Missing someone: A lot of people actually
3. Mood: a bit tired
4. Wanting: For the weekend!!!

Anyone interested in taking the tag? :D

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Monday, December 10, 2007
Since uploading all the photos I would like to share with you would take quite a while, I have changed my plans regarding Views of a Broken Mirror. So, instead of trying to post all photos related to a certain event once, I will post one photo a day.

I am sure it will take less time to complete posting, as one photo is not as scary as needing to post about a hundred at a time. So keep your eyes on my photoblog, as I've just started the Amsterdam series!

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Tuesday, December 04, 2007
Online Hotel Reservations

Yes, I always support online booking sites when it comes to hotel reservations. That is why I’m telling you more on this particular site that you can use to book your stay anywhere in the world. It has intuitive search options, nice categories by regions and countries and it is available in several languages.

I like how evolved to become easier to use and more friendly-looking. Check it out when you have the time!

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What to Read on the Romanian Blogosphere
I trust Zu's recommendations when it comes to books and blogs to read. I've tested them a few times and I was convinced they are always pointing to something really worth my time. So here is a list for the lucky ones who can read texts in Romanian. This is my very own selection of Zu recommendations:
Enjoy everybody!

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Everything Optics
Optics Planet is an absolute paradise for binoculars, monoculars, telescopes or microscopes lovers around the world. When visiting this site, they can also congregate with those with different passions, from laser sights to magnifiers. Anything related to optics is here, no matter how outdates some might find some of these items.

As it is so large, Optics Planet comes with very intuitive categories. If you choose products based on their brand, you can have all the 200 brands the site advertises displayed and then browse through. If you have other strategies of selection, try searching through the product categories or take a peak at all the departments or store sections as they are also called. Anyway, I can’t see what optics item one ever wanted and not find here.

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