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Friday, June 29, 2007
What is it that I should do exactly?
Don't you just love the attitude of public sector clerks early in the morning? Especially on a Monday morning, when it's all sunny and shinning and perfect for someone to mess with the whole Zen attitude?

Well, this morning I had a little administrative tasks to take care of at the Bucharest labor office. Never mind the huge queues that leave no air to breathe, the lack of information and the wrong direction one gets. I finally made it to the clerk the company I used to work for was assigned to. I met this pissed off lady (she had been working for less than 10 minutes and she already had an attitude). She was explaining to me that she is now doing things that were 'our' responsibility. She did not mention which exactly these things were.

Cris and I did what needed to be done: looked all confused, smiley and in a general state of awe when faced with her profoundly secret knowledge. She agreed to help us (aka do her job). We're going again next week. On a Monday, again. Bad luck at the beginning of the week...not a good sign!

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Plan Your Trip to London
As I have been in intensive English classes most of my life, London and the UK has been one of the topics I have learned a lot about. While it is only on my imaginary ‘places to see’ list, I would still go there any day, given the opportunity.

Where would I go? Well, I would definitely have to see the Tower of London, with a Yeoman Warders as a guide and all its secrets, ranging from its Crown Jewels to its prison stories. I’d also have to see St. Paul’s Cathedral and its famous dome. The cathedral was designed by sir Christopher Wren and then build from 1675 to 1710, now sheltering some of the world’s most famous works of art. A long list of museums would follow: Victoria & Albert Museum, Natural History Museum, British Museum, the National Gallery and so on.

Before making your list of things to see, maybe you should first take your pick of London Hotels. If it's a last minute deal, then check all last minute offers, you might get a great rate for your stay in London. Otherwise, feel free to check the year round prices. take a tour of the city in London’s famous double deck buses. They will take you to see the Houses of Parliament, Buckingham Palace, Clarence House, Shakespeare’s Globe Exhibition, BBC Television or Westminster Abbey.

While staying in England’s capital city, you might also be interested in locating a cheap hotel in London. You can easily select your London accommodation using a site with quick searches and multiple languages available, choosing your hotels depending on prices, opting for last minute deals or verifying all year prices. Another option would be to first select the part of the city you desire for you accommodation in London, and then select the hotel.

When you finish visiting London (well, don’t hurry now, there are plenty attractions for you to enjoy), try another city in the UK as your next holiday Destination. I’d really want to see Edinburgh. There you can see Rievaulx, the first Cistercian Abbey to be founded in the North of England that later became of the most powerful monasteries in Europe and other such wonderful places. Moreover, you can easily find Cheap Hotels in Ediburgh, as well as in any other part of the UK.

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Sunday, June 24, 2007
Gatwick Parking Makes your Trip Easier
If you own a car and like to take it with you when traveling, then you have most surely faced the same problem I did: parking. As not all airports, hotels or other accommodations offer parking services. That is why I was so thrilled when seeing the Gatwick Parking offer of pre-booking your parking lot when booking your holiday accommodation. This saves you both time and money.

The Gatwick Hotel Parking service allows you to book your hotel stay together with your parking lot. And if your holiday planning is stressful and giving you headaches, you can always try the Gatwick Parking Game. It’s really fun to practice your parking skills, but do try not to hit the other cars while parking!

I do hope such services get extended to other countries besides the UK!

Entry sponsored by Gatwick Parking.


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Find the Best Melbourne Accomodation
If you are planning to visit an exotic country, your mind might get set on Australia. And if you do get there, Melbourne has to be on your “places you have to see” list. When preparing your trip to Melbourne, try to do some savings in your trip budget, so that you can see more. is the place to start to make a reservation by choosing from a cheap Melbourne hotels database.

Finding the perfect Melbourne accommodation at a cheap price is rendered easy by the multiple search options. You can have all the hotels listed, or sort them by name, type, location or price. If you are more interested in hotel category, you can easily run a search by number of stars.

You have a few dozens locations to choose from offered in the region selection dropdown menu. Another plus is the fact that you get to book a cheap Melbourne hotel in your desired language: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese and Chinese.

I’ll share a little secret with you: once you access one of the languages displayed on the homepage, more languages are available, such as Polish and Korean. It would be a good idea to have them all listed on the first page a visitor accesses, though. Another downside would be the site validation failure for some tests (XHTML, HTML etc), while passing other (CSS). As most of you know, this really needs looking into.

What can I say of color scheme? They’re using red, so I absolutely love it. Other than that, I noticed they do guarantee payment on arrival, which doesn’t always happen. Some sites feature hotels that charge your card in advance. From what I’ve seen up to know, offera the widest range of Melbourne based hotels. So I do recommend it as the place to start when looking for cheap hotels in Melbourne.

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Friday, June 22, 2007
The New WOBM
As you all know, I have a new .com domain for Words of a Broken Mirror. And I did manage to set it up and publish on it. While it is still in progress, please feel free to visit my new blog from time to time. I have decided to keep both blogs alive, but write different articles on each of them.

I intend to keep daily news and Romanian facts here mostly, while directing to all my books and movies reviews, general articles on tourism, entries on travel destinations and other such writings. I hope you will all keep enjoying both of my blogs.

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Online Hotel Reservations at

I am a fan on online hotel reservation. I don’t like using other means to find a place to stay and make a reservation. Mostly because I had bad experiences with travel agencies and because booking online is easy and painless. made quite a good impression when I started browsing. I like it that hotel presentations are broken into several subpages and I was particularly impressed by their maps. They do not provide a map of the hotel region only. You can navigate through the entire city in order to have a better idea of how hard it is to get there or of how long it will take.

I’ve taken a look to cities I was interested in visiting in the near future, Rome and Barcelona and I have to say their prices and offers are pretty good. I am definitely thinking of using this site for my next trip on the list.

The site is available in several languages: Dutch, German, Spanish, French, Italian and Japanese. What I have found pretty amusing, but equally important and smart in what marketing is concerned, is that they have different flags for American and British English.

On the down side, they should really get their code checked! It fails to pass validation tests. Also, their logo does not really stand out when placed on certain photographs, such as the one on the homepage. They should really try to emphasize it better. Given the general look and feel of the site, I am pretty sure they will continue to improve it so that it can meet all possible requirements of highly demanding potential customers, such as yours truly.

I have to say I like their search system: by city, by number of starts and their advanced search options are really everything you could wish for” currency, hotel rating, services, other facilities, room type, price range, and hotel location within the city of choice. And their clickable calendar makes it pretty easy to select dates.

Brought by EasyToBook.Com

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Wednesday, June 20, 2007
Eat in a Pinkish Fashion
Last evening, on our way home, D and I decided to eat out and his room-mates took us to a place near their apartment. They had never been there, but had seen it while walking by a while ago. Restaurant name? La Casa Roz. Meaning The Pink House. And yes, my friends, the decorations were pretty pinkish!

Well the food is great, the lemonade simply delicious and the waiters and waitresses are really nice. The prices are also quite low, but I guess that is the consequence of having the restaurant placed so far from the city center.

Do try it, if you have the chance. But remember, if the pink decorations are too much for you, try their terrace! :) You can enjoy your grill, pasta, salad or desert there. And take this lemonade freak's advice, theirs is pretty good!

NEWS: while uploading the photos for this post, I realized my blogger dashboard has been translated into Romanian. I want English back :P This localizing process is really nice, but I would like to have a say before having "Template" replaced by "Sablon". I've had my share of translating software-related interfaces into Romanian to know I prefer it all in English. Or Romgleza. :P And "postare" for "post"? I really do not like that! OMG, I've just seen this: dashboard is "tablou de bord"!!! Good one there, I couldn't have thought of that one! Sounds nice, as if I were managing some complicated equipment in a factory. Time to change settings now!

UPDATE: if you need to go back to English, just change the language in your Dashboard :P


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Tuesday, June 19, 2007
How Much of a Survivor Are You?
Think of this scenario: you are on your own, in a foreign, city, with no money, no food, no friends. What would you do to survive? Well the two things that go through my head are find the embassy or start crying. I am not much of a survivor, am I?

The only time we had to deal with a bad situation was on my last trip to Istanbul. While searching for 98 fuel, not knowing that there was only 95 gas in Turkey, we ran out of gas. On a bridge, on the high-way, at night. Two police cars went by but did not stop. So Ana and me, the girls, stayed in the car, while Vali went to find us gas. He did, after trying to explain what he needed in English and Romanian to people who only spoke Turkish and German. But he did manage! We had money though.

Anyway, if I were lost somewhere with nothing on me, I am pretty sure I'd have lots of trouble surviving. Unless I find a police station, an embassy or some kind strangers, I guess I'd run out of smart ideas quickly enough.

So, for those like me who would like to find out more about how to survive on well, nothing really, a whole new TV Show will be aired: USA Network's Burn Notice. Staring a CIA Operative, Michael Westion, the show will teach us all, starting June 28th, how to deal with such inconveniences. If you're curious about his techniques, keep a close eye on him. One never knows when such information comes in handy!

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Monday, June 18, 2007
My Perfect Morning
I made Turkish coffee this morning. Strong, as I've always loved it and eventually got my 10 minutes drinking it, while you were looking at me, drinking yours. We left for work then, with my little Mushroom. It took longer than usual, but who cared? The music was as loud as it could be so that I was still able to hear you. And I could not stop smiling.

I love it that you like some of the songs I'm keen on. It actually increases the pleasure of listening to them. And then I got to work, where I took not breaks for about 3 hours because I was afraid I will never finish my pending tasks in four hours only. But I did. In less time. Some more little tasks to attend to and then I will get out of here and go enjoy my afternoon. Some more work and some studying planned, true, but the feeling I am not trapped in the office is sooo awesome!

This morning is simply perfect! If any of you would like to start the day with Turkish coffee, here's a tutorial. And a photo showing you the brand I tried. If you are Romanian and want to buy it, try Gimma.

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Friday, June 15, 2007
Book Your Hotel Stays Online
I have given up making holiday plans through agencies for some time now. They have standard offers only, and at least in Romania, they seem to be highly inflexible. So now I employ a different procedure: I make my plans, choose the destination, then decide how to get there (car, plane, bus) and finally make my hotel reservation online.

Besides offering the opportunity to book hotels while benefiting from important discounts, offers complete services, helping you book a flight to get to your hotel, to rent a car while staying there or to choose entire vacation packages. The site is available in English, German, French, Italian and Spanish and is further localized on a per-country base, allowing quick searches for country such as Germany, Canada, Austria and many more. You can also opt for single bookings or group bookings, a special phone number being available for the latter.

I really loved their multiple browsing opportunities when looking for a hotel, motel or a resort. You can search by city, by country or choose to type the exact location and select exact dates for your stay. There are many possibilities to explore and the maps offered are pretty comprehensive. Which is really important, as finding and address in a city you've just gotten into can sometimes be a real challenge.

Paying opportunities are not limited, you can choose any type of card you like: Visa, MasterCard or American Express. What I also think is very important is the fact that phone numbers are available 24/7. Issues occur at any time, therefore such a service should weigh a lot when making booking decisions.

There are also a few things could improve. One is more of a personal taste suggestion: the color palette. Gray shades on white do not really agree with me and create a poor contrast, not really catching your eye. The other suggestion is for a more technical aspect. While providing Italian, German and French versions of their site, which I think is great for attracting customers who have little knowledge of English, only Spanish and English are available in the language selection menu. Also, the selection flag images can fail in generating results.

While analyzing the many pros of, I am pretty sure that they have good odds of becoming the online booking site for hotels around the world. A great pricing policy, doubled by efficient customer support can easily turn into a reference point for online touristic services.

My next unbooked holiday is for New Year's. I am sure to check their site before making any plans.

Entry sponsored by

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Thursday, June 14, 2007
Reach for the Sky!
At work, we have this public folder where joke-like emails are sent. Jokes, interesting and funny photos, everything you need for a quick break from work stress. Well, today one of the emails contained photos and details about building to be built, all having one thing in common: their strive to be the tallest in the world. I don't know which is the source of the photos, therefore no references.
Burj Dubai - tallest land structure by 2010 - estimated height of 818/1011 m (depending on sources)
Tower of Russia - Moscow - will be finished by late 2010 - 648 m (2,129 ft) height.
Incheon Tower in Seoul - to be completed in 2010- planned to rise to 640 m.

Impressive indeed. But I cannot help having a weird feeling that this is all the Babylon story all over again. While spirituality is neglected to reality facts such as net income, productivity, technological breakthroughs, we still strive to get closer to the sky. And using what we already know to get higher and higher seems the most in handy possibility.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2007
Longing for the Black Sea
Take extremely hot weather, bright sun and a cool breeze-like wind during lunch break and what do you get? You get a strong desire to be here:
The beach, the waves, the coolness, the occasional clouds, the sound of the sea, the very essence of its salty water. So while talking to my colleagues today, I was also fantasizing about the Black Sea, our very own Romanian Seaside. Neglected as it is, crowded, and inexplicably expensive, I still want to see it soon.
Here are two views of the Casino from Constanta. Simply beautiful. Wouldn't you also like to be at one of those tables right now? I'd go for a lemonade, cold as ice please! Then I'd take a book with me and go read and then sleep on the beach, touching the sand and listening to the seagulls.
I will stop at dreaming for now. But when the exam session is over, I will so get in my car and drive there, at least for two days. Anyone else coming along?

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Coupons to Shop Online
If you like buying what you need online and getting discounts while at it, then Coupon Chief is the place to go for shop online at a lower price. They collaborate with so many online stores that it's almost impossible not to find what you are looking for: computers, clothes, shoes, books, food and wine, flowers, gifts or jewelry. Everything is available, with a coupon discount as a twist.

Given my current likes, my favorite offers on the site were from the HP Store. You can try finding your own favorite store or discount at

This is a sponsored review.


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Tuesday, June 12, 2007
Attention! Works in Progress and a Brithday!
I have been working hard on my new home for WOBM. While the installing part was a pain until D figured it's just extremely easy, the customizing work is taking a while. But I am on top of things so feel free to keep an eye on my progress and on Trisi's soon to be implemented amazing logo design.

On a different note, today is D's birthday. So...

I hope you enjoy every second of this day, at least after office hours :P Have a wonderful year, birthday boy!

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Take a Break on a Hawaiian Beach
Hawaii... A name bringing a sound of hula dancers, luxury, waves, stepping on sand and relaxation. I have to say the first time I heard of Hawaii as a travel destination was when I was only a child and I saw all about it in movies.

I always imagined such a place would be the perfect spot to forget the world and all the daily annoyances, to just go searching your soul and get back all your dreams.

Well, I now know more about Hawaii, starting with how to get there, more on the people and a bit about where to actually stay when going there. While there are hotels, luxurious and able to accommodate dozens and dozens of guests, I have the strong feeling such a place should be privately experienced, if possible. I wouldn't want much interference when there, I'd prefer my quiet afternoons with my books, my love and my music, for those few moments when the ocean symphony is not enough. I'd like to wake up and have the salty water kissing the sand be the first thing I lay my eyes on. I'd then hold my coffee cup, think of stories from long ago, about goddesses and legends and smile.
Given all that, I am planning to go with beach rental homes when I get there. And that will be soon enough hopefully! I don't know, ocean view, garden view and beach front sound pretty amazing to me. Sounds a lot like a Hawaii luxury vacation.
And the sunset light reflected on wet sand...Amazing. I guess it would be the perfect place to take photos and enhance my photographer skills. I'd then post photos such as these here and proudly say I'm the author.
So, what do you say? When do we go? And what would you prefer: a large hotel, or a quiet, intimate, under the radar place on the beach, like me?

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Monday, June 11, 2007
Explore the Stars with Meade MySky

Do you glance at the stars from afar, wishing to see and know more? Do you wonder about more than legends related to stars and want a more astrological approach to the sky above? Then you are the perfect candidate for Meade my sky.

Are you passionate about telescopes, binocular and other such gadgets? Then how would you feel to instantly identify 30K celestial objects at a click of a button? Well, Mewade MySky allows you to do that and much more!

Meade MySky sounds perfect even for a newbie like me that knows little of the worlds of the night sky: a full-color LCD screen and the added ability to control a Meade computerized telescope, a child’s play to operate, with easy to follow video menu.

I for one came to be fascinated by stars due to poetry. A certain mysticism and wonder connected to them made me dream as a child. But I would love to actually see and know more. The outer space is still fascinating after being deprived of its poetry.


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Violence at the Bucharet Gay Parade
Unfortunately, it was all quite far from what I had hoped for. Apparently, we are quite intolerant, with one of the most narrow-minded religious leaders. This part actually pisses me off. I have never seen them protest (or do something relevant) against poverty, women being abused, children being neglected and beaten or forced to beg and other such real issues the church should really get involved in.

Article and photo gallery from Hotnews:
A call by the Romanian Orthodox Church for people to pray in the street for the salvation of homosexuals’ souls could not prevent violence at the gay parade that took place on Saturday at the end of the GayFest 2007 festival in Bucharest last week.

The marchers were helding banners urging people to tolerate minorities. The event was organized by the ACCEPT association for the rights of sexual minorities.

But the quiet still colorful event almost came to a halt when several hundred youth tried to attack the march. The police intervened with tear gas grenades and was welcomed with bottles and rocks in two rounds of clashes that resulted in the arrests of dozens of people.

The march was preceded by another protest organized by the Romanian New Right movement seen as many as the continuator of Romanian fascism. It was also boycotted by anti-fascist protesters in a rare appearance that also resulted in several arrests on Saturday morning.

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Saturday, June 09, 2007
A Little More about Romanian Companies
Some times I simply cannot get my mind around situations I am forced to deal with. For example, why would an airline company such as MyAir open an agency/office/whatever in Bucharest that does not make reservation or sell airline tickets??? If I want to check prices, I can do so online. Availability, mkay, that is something interesting, but how would that ever be reason enough to open an agency and not have a hot line only?

Then we move to ING. I've been meaning to have a debit card issued by this bank for well, about7 months. I went to their closest branch from where I parked my car today. The nice ad on the door said they were open until 1.30 pm. It was 12 and they were closed...Nevermind, we got to a different one and got everything done, quick and easy, great services actually. Piata Romana is the place to go, really! Oh, and they had no idea other branches were closed long before due time!...

Anyway, these, my corporate friends, are not cases of smart/attractive/customer confidence building behavior. It is not something I approve of, indulge or support in anyway. And I hope one day, maybe one day, such things will no longer happen.

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Friday, June 08, 2007
Why do People Get Debt Problems?
The number of people getting into debt problems has been increasing in recent years, as more and more get loans, thinking they are able to pay and then facing a quite different reality. Temptations are everywhere: good deals, low monthly payments, high-availability, less paperwork required. Get it fast, easy, and then deal with the payment head-ache.

While other countries have been facing this issue for a while now, the issue is starting to also happen in Romania. And the offers to get credited easily keep coming: there are hardly any stores/shops/resellers not offering a mutually beneficial credit system. And you can buy anything with a simple loan or by applying for a credit card.

Then the dept problems occur for some. Why, if their income is reviewed? Because such plans never take into account future issues that might require even more money. And one credit is easy, some say, two loans are doable...And then you are stuck. You need debt help. Not always a very developed service in all countries, but we can learn a bit from the experience of others.

Some more articles on debt help here, here and here.


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Romania - Battle of the Brands
The most important brands worldwide dominate the Romanian market as well. Coca-Cola leads the top in 2007, after ranking among the top five brands in 2005 and 2006, a study conducted by the Synovate market research indicates, according to the Biz magazine.

In Romanian brands, Dacia leads in notoriety among Romanians. After leading the top in 2006, Nokia is second this year, followed by Ariel.

Dacia (cars), Arctic (appliances), BCR (Romanian Commercial Bank) and Borsec (mineral water) are the most powerful Romanian brands. The highest climb in the top belongs to Banca Transilvania (4 positions, from 10th to 6th).
More on Hotnews.

Well, I gave up drinking Coca-Cola a while ago, but I still love their brand campaign :) So, nice going! As for Romanian brands, I have a different top: I'd say Borsec, yes, Zuzu :P, of course, and a big no-no for BCR (influenced by Cristina's issues with her BCR card :P).

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Protect Your Computers against Spyware
My worst experience with viruses and spyware was of course before an exam. I am still blaming it on the antivirus software I was using at the time. But let me tell you how it all went….

I was working in Bucharest for the summer and staying at a friend’s, in a student dorm (her boyfriend was in the US for a few months, so the place was perfect for me). I had an exam on Tuesday and was planning to work on the project I had to submit in the weekend, on my computer that was left at my mom’s in Ploiesti. Due to some delays, I got home late on Saturday and instantly fell asleep. The next day, at about 10 a.m., I tried to start working.

The computer hardly managed to get into safe mode. I tried to run a scan, as an expert friend from Bucharest told me it might be a virus issue. It was, as many such viruses and spyware were detected. The cleaning part did not go so well though…

While I was facing the possibility of flunking the exam, I got help from a friend who made the project for me and explained everything on Monday…A life savior, I still thank her for that.

Later on, also due to this issue, I started working for an antivirus company as a technical support engineer. So I pretty much know the importance of a good anti-spyware product. Also, something I found out, Spy Sweeper was the product of choice in what spyware protection is concerned for most of our customers (at the time the respective company did not have a relevant spyware protection).

Spy Sweeper is a highly ranked product, being the most awarded antispyware product by magazines such as PC Magazine, PC World and SmartComputing. It is known for providing advanced spyware detection, thus helping you to keep your computer clean and safe while browsing or downloading files from the Internet.

Spy Sweeper comes with a free scan to let you test it before actually buying it, go ahead and give it a try.

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Thursday, June 07, 2007
High Tourists Expectations for the Romanian Seaside
According to a piece of news published by Wall-Street, this year's number of tourists visiting the Romanian seaside will be 15% higher than last year's. As Lucian Morariu, state secretary with SMB Industry, Commerce and Tourism Ministry, tourism agencies have reported increasing demands for this area, 50 % more than registered last year in May.

The article also mentions that the reported increase is due to the stability and understanding reached by local authorities and tourism industry representatives regarding the beaches and other facilities on the Black Sea shore.

I am curios to see how pleased the tourists are at the end of their stay as I am convinced the service level is the same for hotels, restaurants, bars, and other such places. I am also quite sure there won't be more individual space on the crowded beaches of Mamaia, the resort mentioned in the article.

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New to Blogsvertise?
I first heard of Blogsvertise from Mig. So I thought of giving it a try. And I did, the registration process is quite easy and they do promise to revise all new applications in about 24 hours.

Using Blogsvertise, bloggers can write post for different advertisers and get paid in return. Like other such services, registering with Blogsvertise requires a PayPal account.

Up to now, I like what I see and I will tell you more once I get the hang of it :)

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Happy Birthday Fredo and Pid'jin!

I had a great time drawing this! Not as great as the time spent reading the Fredo & Pid'jin comics though...Happy Birthday!

Paint dude, cause there was nothing else on D's computer :P

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Wednesday, June 06, 2007
Excellent Morning Kick-off
Don't you like the sound of great news early in the morning? I personally love it. Well, today I got some overwhelming news: we woooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!

And now to translate: AXIGEN Mail Server is the winner of the challenging "Communications Server" category within the ServerWatch 2007 Product Excellence Awards!!! And I quote from ServerWatch:
The Axigen Mail Server won this competitive category taking more than 40 percent of vote. The Unix-based server is built to ease admins integration headaches by offering a turnkey approach to providing a variety of separate open source components in one proprietary codebase. The off-the-shelf mail server runs on Linux/BSD platforms such as Red Hat, SUSE or Ubuntu.
More on ServerWatch. Well, we have competed against Zimbra, CommuniGate, Merak and Lotus. And we are deeply honored we won! The entire team did a great job!

I am so happy I can hardly stop laughing, smiling and telling everyone about it. The PR and Marketing teams worked like crazy to promote our product and get our users, partners and supporters to vote. I personally am so pleased because this is the first visible result of my PR and Marketing work at AXIGEN.

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Tuesday, June 05, 2007
A Little on Spam Prevention Methods
Well, as promised, I am posting an excerpt from the article published in hakin9 StarterKit. To read the entire article, follow the link below:
Competitive Antispam products, proper legislation, efforts towards a better user education, it has all been tried in order to stop spam. However, unsolicited emails keep consuming the space and time of all email users. Moreover, spam messages can be the cause of serious virus and spyware outbreaks, while others “phish” for sensitive information like bank accounts and passwords.
More on AXIGEN's website. Enjoy! :)

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Why use PayPerPost
As I said before, I am all for sponsored reviews as a means of monetizing your blog as long as you are honest about what you say. PayPerPost spreads the word about new services and products through blog reviews. I signed up a short while ago and have posted about 4 posts since, all of them approved and waiting to get paid. I have not decided what to do with the money...I will most surely spend it on museums and books this summer.

It is indeed quite easy and fun, as I get to review products and services from a wide range of fields. What I love about it is that you have a choice. You do not like to write positive reviews without a reason, then don't.

Ryan once told me my reviews are pretty sharp. I am really honest and put everything I think and feel about an item on (virtual) paper. But I guess those seeking for reviews are really good at appreciating an honest one.

PayPerPost allows bloggers who have a PayPal account only. And that limits their audience a little bit. But as PayPal spreads around the world, I am sure all those interested will have a chance to soon sing up and get started with reviewing.

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Monday, June 04, 2007
Bucharest GayFest Week Reaches Third Edition
The third edition of the GayFest festival of Romanian homosexuals opens in Bucharest on June 4. The event is dedicated to the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) community in the country and their supporters and friends. It will host a series of thematic films and exhibitions, peaking with a gay parade in downtown Bucharest on Saturday, June 9.
The full program of the event as well as information about the Festival can be found on the website of the Accept Association, where it is specified that the event is not a threat to the values of family and society in Romania.
More on Hotnews.

What I pray for? More tolerance this year, no people getting abused in any way for their orientation, people shutting up when they don't really now what they are talking about (I do refer to those standing by, swearing and cursing during the gay parade).

Some say Romania is not the right country for such a parade. Which country is right? Aren't those right countries the models we try so hard to implement? Maybe now that we have joined the EU we will be less obvious about our being narrow-minded.

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Romania Report: First Domestic dotcom Millionaires
This piece of news has been published by several newspapers and I think it's worth mentioning. As it proves there are successful Romanian businessmen. And we should all follow their lead: work hard and hope to get acknowledged.
The first Romanian dotcom millionaires are Liviu Dumitrascu (30) and Daniel Tatar (29), the two young people who, eight years ago, founded, currently Romania's largest online recruitment website.

Liviu Dumitrascu and Daniel Tatar sold 30% of the company to US-based investment fund Tiger Global Management, for 4.2 million euros. The transaction was completed at the end of last week, sources close to the dealings told ZIARUL FINANCIAR.
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I've been using for a few years now. I got my job at BitDefender and then the one at AXIGEN through them. So up to now, I am pretty happy with their services. Great job and keep up the good work!

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Monday Thoughts
Not much sleep before this day started, lots of things done since I woke up, lots more to do before nightfall and sweet-sweet sleep. But my conclusion after this weekend is that things couldn't have been better. It was all great. The walking, the talking, the shopping, the occasional work getting done, everything.

I also come with a recommendation. Take a look to see how cities such as Bucharest, Iasi, Ploiesti and others used to look like in the past, while comparing them to their present. A very interesting photography site, Now&Then also comes with an English version, not fully developed yet. Anyway, the photos alone are worth your time, although having all the comments translated would also help a bit.

All my plans for the holidays are down the drain right now. I am rethinking and rearranging after changing my mind about my grand trip. What I am sure of is that sometime during August I'll be around the Amsterdam/Alkmaar region.

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