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Monday, May 23, 2005
Another party at the office

I was going to write this elaborate post about how people use the word "friend" so easily. I was going to ask these questions like "Where were you, friend, when my world was destroyed and I couldn't put it together?" or "What did you do when people lied about me?" But I realized there was no point in it... I'll just say that overusing the tag "friend" and adding it to practically everyone you know gives me a taste of made up stories, of pure redundancy and lack of meaning...

Romanians like to celebrate practically everything, that's why we even celebrate our names! There is a so called "Name's Day". Everyone who has a saint's name gets to celebrate it on the day dedicated by the Orthodoxy to that saint. As I have a second saint's name, I celebrated it on Saturday with my family and today with my colleagues. So, here are some more pictures of me! My friend Radu tried to take professional pictures of me and this is what he got:

Chapter 1: details

My beautiful necklace - I got it since I was 10. My mom gave it to me and it is my favorite jewel.

Image hosted by

My left eye...

Image hosted by

My right eye...

Image hosted by

My belly button ring. The new one, its first official picture!

Image hosted by

I guess you can all figure what part of my body this picture focused on! :))

Image hosted by

Chapter 2 Pretty little me!!!

Don't mess with me!

Image hosted by

Oh, pretty smile...

Image hosted by

This was supposed to be pretty artistic

Image hosted by

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