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Thursday, December 15, 2005
Bucharest, the English carols land!
Today, waiting the subway train to take me home after school, I heard something strange…They started playing carols in the stations, to greet the Christmas Spirit I guess. And because the traditional ROMANIAN carols wouldn’t have been enough, the chose to remind us all it’s Christmas in English! Yes, why not? Romanian carols are so last year’s fashion and not as merry as Jingle Bells!

On the other hand, a colleague of mine, future hotel manager or tour operator or other hot shot position in tourism, was complaining the other day that we had three European countries to learn about, besides some areas in Romania, for the tourism geography exam. “No employee of a travel agency knows anything about important sites in other countries, they know everything about Romania though!” So, such tour operators make plans for their clients’ trips abroad without knowing where exactly to send them? I doubt that…

The people involved in these two situations, if mixed, would probably reach better conclusions! So, would love some Romanian carols, maybe if we paid more attention to such issues I would have known there actually are Easter carols long before my second year of university! Yet our English teacher taught Jingle Bells to us in 3rd grade! Probably that’s why we loved her and hated the Religion teacher (maybe some carols would have also helped her!).

To change today’s criticizing note, here’s a testimonial I got on Hi5 from Mishu, a very dear friend of mine. It definitely made my day brighter:

“Super woman, a real/true specie of stubborn and ambitious Aries, intelligent and dreaming of grand things (that even come true at times). I am proud to be her ‘mother’!”

And the Romanian original version:
“Super femeie, o adevarata specie de berbec incapatanat si ambitios ;inteligent si visator la lucruri marete (care cateodata i se si indeplinesc). Sunt mandra ca ii sunt mama!”
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