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Monday, January 09, 2006
Dog Alert!!!
Well, it’s been a really crazy and quite busy weekend. After running home on Saturday morning to see my mom, I came back Sunday as I was supposed to work. The night before, my colleague Sim called me, asking me to meet her before going to work as she was afraid of the dogs that usually hung around there. I said ok, never gave that much importance to her fear, so at about 15 minutes to 3PM (our shift started at 3) we were both coming out of the metro stop near our office.

What can I say? I was wrong not to take it seriously. When we got there, about 15 angry dogs were blocking the way (a man with a Dalmatian went through them, just to make them a little angrier…). So we thought of taking a detour. It was hard to walk as the melted snow was now frozen, but we kept going, we had to get to work eventually.

When we reached Mobexpert, a huge store selling furniture, I was already feeling home free. Yet the dogs there, quite friendly, but a lot of them and wanting the food in our bags, thought to make it harder for us to keep our cool. There was a security guy, but he didn’t do much. Actually “nothing” would apply better! We passed those doggies and I was already blabbing about how we were safe now when three really mean looking dogs rushed barking to get us from under a gate. We got so scared that we practically jumped in the middle of the street, causing drivers to panic and honk…

We eventually got to the office, 40 minutes late and exhausted…And I sent an email about this to my boss as I hope this will be solved soon. During weekdays, there’s no problem as there are always lots of people coming the same way and the dogs are nice and cuddly. But during the weekend, the world is theirs…

Well, after such canine adventures, we finished our shift and Sim came to my place and we stayed up till 4 AM talking about how it feels to not have the loved one close by. It made me feel better, this conversation, as she is more experienced with such topics…I hope time will go by faster, as it’s a busy week with two exams and lots of work and that things will get back to normal soon…A week or so, that’s all…
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