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Thursday, June 15, 2006
Weekend at the mountains

Last weekend was this summer's first weekend that K and I spent outside Bucharest. We went to the mountins and chose to stay in Sinaia. We made a one-night reservation at my favorite hotel there, Anda (picture below), and headed to Sinaia early on Saturday. At about noon we got there, got our room and then left. We wanted to go to Brasov for a little sight seeing and grabbing a bite and then going to see Bran Castle.

In Brasov it was raining cats and dogs so we decided to go directly to Bran. After a little trouble we managed to find to right road and got there at about 1.30. It was not raining when we got there anymore. Gladly, we went to visit the castle. As you can see in this picture, it was pretty crowded. On the way to the entrance, I also ran into a friend from work who was kind enough to let me know the castle was full of annoying little kids...

Well, the castle was full of American tourists...They all come here in search of Dracula's myths and residence. Well, Vlad Tepes was imprisoned here, yet he was not a vampire, really...The creepiest thing in the castle is a secret passage which used to be hidden behind a fire place. Now it is out in the open...You can see pictures of the castle, showing it's redecoreted rooms (Queen Maria of Romania redecoreded it, as you can read on the museum's site, therefore it lost most of its medieval fortress charm) here. I've also uploaded the pictures I took on the way to Sinaia, with rain clouds on sight here and will later upload the remaining photos from Sinaia.

Well, we were planning to have an exciting Sunday in Sinaia, visiting the Peles Castle and going up to enjoy the view from 2000 m above...But K got a call and we had to be in Bucharest by noon...Of course when we left it was bright and sunny and warm...enough to make us even more upset about leaving...

However, our Sunday was not so bad after all. While K was working I did a little book shopping. Funny thing: I saw some Llosa books I was interested in but the guys were rearranging there, so I decided to come back to that shelf later on. So I looked around, bought myself Love in the Time of Cholera and when I returned to the Llosa books, they were nowhere to be seen...They really rearranged!

We then had lunch at Ruby Tuesday. K ordered a Colosal Burger that turned out to be quite colosal...They had stuck a long bladed knife in the middle of it to hold it together...You can see a picture of it here. We then continued with a movie, Hoodwinked.

The movie turned out to be quite fun and relaxin. Oh, and the squirrel, that's me talking to most people :). Untrue as it might be (I am not that fast when speaking, but close), that is how they see me...
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