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Thursday, May 24, 2007
Sighisoara's 15th Medieval Art Festival
There are certain things you desperately wish for when you are too young to get them: the first vacation on your own, with your friends and no parental supervision, the first all-nighter, the first concert in a different city, May 1st on the beach. And the list could go on.

The Medieval Art Festival in Sighisoara was one of those, for me at least. Three whole days of concerts, theater plays, staying in a tent and drinking cheap and really, really bad beer. Awesome! Other than that, what’s left of the medieval fortress (yes, still inhabited), the torture chambers and the Dracula myths (for foreigners mostly).

Photo from Wikipedia.

I finally got there 3 summers ago, the first and only time I went. Everyone complained (read those who had been there before) it was less interesting than last year’s. To me it was perfect, I had an amazing time and I should remember to thank Mishu once again for taking me there.

This year the Sighisoara authorities are already working on organizing the 15th edition of the Festival (July 27-29).

According to a news release issued by the Sighisoara City Hall, the main organiser, “since this is an anniversary year, in a new European context, the 2007 Medieval Sighisoara Festival will bring together more international artists, which will enrich the event programme with European art works.”

More in Nine o’clock.

Hopefully, I won’t be in Romania in that period. But if you are, go give it a try, Sighisoara is amazing and the Festival has its very special flavor.

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posted by Alina @ 1:48 PM  
  • At 5/27/2007 1:20 PM, Blogger loloma said…

    Oh, how I envy you! I always wanted to go to the festival, but never made it... although I did go to Sighisoara a couple of times.

  • At 5/28/2007 9:24 AM, Blogger Alina said…

    Well, I don't think the Festival is going anywhere. So maybe we can go there together sometime ;) I would love to go again!

  • At 5/28/2007 1:33 PM, Anonymous Beatrice said…

    Me....never been there. :((( Can you take me with you as well, at least in your mind? :) Oh and if it is beautiful weather, imagine I will wear a flowery dress, which I do not even own yet, hahaha.

  • At 5/28/2007 2:29 PM, Blogger Alina said…

    Sure, sis. But it has to be for real. So that I can enjoy the looks on the faces of all those rockers when they see you in your flowery dress :))

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