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Friday, June 10, 2005
I completed the HTML tutorial (basic, advanced and quiz) on the w3schools site. Although W3 says “The best things in life are free”, well, their tutorial would need some improvements on some topics. Same old story – simple issues are over explained, while other more difficult ones stop at only giving a non-detailed example…But I’m getting the hang of it anyway. I also have plans to practice everything throughout this weekend and try building a site (which of course has to be perfect, although I’m using HTML only, no Java, no CSS, no Flash, nothing…).

I was talking to Viorel today and he said he would really like to see me somehow changed after meeting a Prince Charming. Well, I am planning not to do the same mistake twice! I won’t let anyone change me again. If love, in order to last, needs you to become someone else than who you really are, then it’s not true love. So, sorry Viorel, you won’t see me changed!

Of course, by change he means me starting to cook! He even offered to buy me a book on that subject! Well, I still wouldn’t like it, but – I have to admit it – I would like to make coffee, put it on a nice little plate, with cookies and all, and drink it with him…And maybe occasional (read “once in a long while” here) spaghetti or something as easy to cook. But that’s how far it goes!

Moreover, I really don’t see how I would be in the mood to cook after 10-12 hours of work and some extra stuff to do at home. Besides, the idea of a housewife has never had anything in common with my personality…
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