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Wednesday, June 01, 2005
Dream, dream, dream...
It’s raining outside and it looks like it will keep raining for a long time. Pretty bad weather if you think kids should celebrate themselves today by doing what they like best, which is playing…Oh, you would like to run like crazy till you can hardly breathe? Sorry, no can do! This weather makes me think people in my hometown were right to organize all the parties and contests on Sunday when it was nice and sunny.

To show off my newly acquired HTML skills, you can all see the links on my blog open in a new window and this really is my doing! Actually, I’m so proud of what I learned that my dreams are suddenly run by HTML!! I spent half of last night dreaming about the nice looking sites I created and all the complicated links I mastered…I wonder, if I eventually start learning Spanish, would my dreams be filled with hot Latino men???
posted by Alina @ 3:05 PM  
  • At 6/07/2005 4:17 PM, Blogger miss_scorpio said…

    it is raining today also...such a perfect weather for the mood I am in...oh, well, at least it is not devastatingly hot...sun and happy people is not what I actually want around whenever I am in a, let's say, less good mood.

  • At 6/07/2005 4:21 PM, Blogger miss_scorpio said…

    reviewing the comments I posted today, I can certainly say one thing..this weather also makes me feel naughty..this would be a subtle explanation for the fact that male butts are so important for me at the moment.
    take care! :))

  • At 6/07/2005 4:24 PM, Blogger Alina said…

    Just thought of something perfect for the mood you're in: Do you remember that nice picture with Vin Diesel showering? :)))

  • At 6/07/2005 5:04 PM, Blogger miss_scorpio said…

    hmmm, yummy...
    this would be a comment on a comment on a comment...we are getting it..slowly, but for sure..

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