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Monday, May 30, 2005
Another driver on the streets of Bucharest
As I am convinced you all missed me, I’ll take tons of your spare time to tell you all about my adventures in Ploiesti! First of all, I passed the exam! Yes, I HAVE A DRIVING LICENSE, but I’ll have to say no to the 50 points Owzy offered me per pedestrian…Sorry, Owz, but I’m pretty sure your points won’t help too much if I go to jail!

But the fantastic story of how I passed is yet to come! I went to sleep Thursday night with a minor head-ache, being pretty sure I’ll be fine in the morning. Oh, well, it didn’t happen. I actually felt so bad that for a second I wanted to just stay in bed and not go anywhere! My mom was out of town, she was in Preadal (mountain resort) to this legal advisors’ big time meeting. So I thought I should call my father, to ask him to come with me. Surprise, surprise! My father was in Iasi (I had completely forgotten about that!), celebrating the 30 years that passed since he graduated, becoming a proud engineer. I felt so lonely and so abandoned I could cry! Of course all my friends were still in Bucharest so there was no one I could call…

I went to the exam, thinking there was no chance in hell I could concentrate to pass the written test. So why worry about the actual driving with the policeman next to me (I am terrified by policemen since I was about 7 or 8. My dad had an accident in town called Buzau and I was pretty sure they will arrest him and I would be left there, all by myself, although no one had a single scratch). When I found out I passed, my only thought was to manage to get to the practical exam. I went out, called my driving teacher, he said he’ll meet me there, so I called a cab. Another girl asked if we could share the cab, so I got there paying 50% less then I usually did.

After the policemen decided to finally show up, it all went pretty fast. It was so easy I couldn’t believe it. And the policeman…Oh, we had a nice chat about my future degree in journalism and how that had nothing to do with where I worked.

I then called my parents and my friends. As I was getting worse and my head-ache became unbearable, my voice didn’t sound very happy…I managed to get home, after what seemed to be a century, and got to bed. I felt sick the whole day and in the evening, if I hadn’t enough problems, a neighbor knocked at my door, saying there’s a leakage that could be fixed only from my apartment and that the plumber would be there in an hour. Oh, joy, I could barely stand for three minutes…

Luckily, Misses Anca (her son and I practically grew up running from our apartment to theirs all day long) came to check up on me and she promised she’s come to take care of things with the plumber and all. The plumber eventually came, at about 9 pm, he looked and he left without saying much. After another half an hour, a neighbor thought he should tell me the problem wasn’t really in my apartment. Really? He came with his cat and he kinda wanted to chat, but I felt too bad so I just said good-night and shut the door. I don’t remember how polite I was though…

Saturday I was glowing. I felt so good only because my head didn’t hurt any more! And it was such a beautiful day! Very hot, a bit windy, somewhat like the beach breeze. There were moments when I actually felt like I was going to end up on the beach after the next corner.

Later that evening, about 8 pm, I went to Mishu’s house. We were supposed to go to the Star Wars Episode 3 premiere with her brother. We went back to her house at about 1 am and fell asleep almost instantly. The next day we had a little kitchen chat, a little chocolate butter (the first time I tried it, was great actually) and then we went for a walk on the famous Chestnut Boulevard. We got there in the middle of a party organized for June 1st (Children Day).

I also got to see my dad and his wife Sunday afternoon, when they came back from Iasi. Highlight of that meeting: us in the car, Morandi – Biejo(extremely loud) and me dancing. People in other cars were staring at me, but I couldn’t care less! As I couldn’t be really happy about the driving license
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  • At 5/30/2005 2:55 PM, Blogger Blue_Angel said…

    Buna alina...felicitari pentru permisul de conducere,ma bucur foarte mult pentru tine...sper ca totul este in regula cu tine...
    te pup

  • At 5/30/2005 7:14 PM, Blogger Owzyo! said…

    People whould be too harsh, you're right. Stick to pets.
    being stuck alone in an appartment in a city is no fun- a few months ago due to illness I was in the flat here for four days without seeing a living soul... talk about cabin fever! thank god for TV!

  • At 5/30/2005 8:24 PM, Anonymous g said…

    You go girl! Nu..."uzi" permisul?!... Felicitari si...un "premiu": DRIVE SAFELY!!!

  • At 5/31/2005 10:29 AM, Blogger Alina said…

    Do I know you, G? Btw, I'm not that bad, I hope!!!

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