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Monday, August 22, 2005
The famous team building
Well guys, the team building was truly amazing! Mountains, nature, cool people, playing games that my team won :), sleeping a lot, stuff like that! First of all, the villa we stayed in was amazing. It is called Casa Tisaru and it's located in a pretty private end of Lepsa, near the Putna river.

Places we visited: the Putna Cascade, not very spectacular, but beautiful and making you feel a bit dizzy. Second, the Cheile Tisitei reservation which was really breathtaking! Can scare a lot of people away, if not because of the heights, because of the large predators ad!

Games we played: a lot of whist! I actually won one game, but wasn't really proud of it because I only win at this game when my life really sucks. Well, it wasn't the case and I hope it won't be in the near future! Then a game that turned out better than expected - we were divided into three teams, each representing a TV station. The task was to write news about the start of the other TV stations, impersonated by our colleagues. My team won a bottle of whiskey. I didn't even tasted it, as I hate whiskey...Never mind that! For the last game, each department had to build the perfect colleague. I participated by drawing the Linux penguin :)).

The food: really, really heavy! Which was bad, especially considering the fact that our minibus driver had his mind set on making all of us feel sick. Extra treat: watching The Fast and The Furious on the way back, starring the one and only Vin Diesel!

We were 25 employees on this team building and I enjoyed meeting each one of them! They are all fun and great and I still feel really dumb! But hey, I am actually supporting people by replying their emails! And no one swore because of my replies! So I'll just keep up the good work, I hope!

They gave me a red company T-shirt and the access card! You know, I'm a sucker for corporate stuff! And I really am learning something new and great each day! That takes up most of my time and what's left is mainly dedicated to K. So I am sorry guys for not being around that much anymore! Will get back as soon as I can handle 5 emails without asking my colleagues what to do! :))

Till then, stay close by cause this great team building will be illustrated on Views of a Broken Mirror as soon as possible!
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