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Thursday, August 11, 2005
Close to the end
Our office was deprived of its Internet connection for about 24 hours, so we were all in mourning. Not much to do without it! Today we finally solved the problem! Which was…our ex IT manager did his job so well that he didn’t tell us the contract expired. He kept saying it was paid in advance for one year until September. Well, guess what, it was only until June! Anyway…

Other than that I’ve been contacted several companies, letting them know I’m leaving so I won’t be the contact person anymore. Moreover, I’ve been cleaning my desk, reviewing all my files, projects, documents, offers…It hurts, really! Each little paper has a story of its own. Cristina’s not being here anymore helped my melancholic state, so…

I don’t know how it all got to this. How the perfect job and perfect employer and perfect everything suddenly changed into a get-away-while-you-can situation! So many dreams we all shared! The Happy Familly of A.K.! WHATEVER!!!

At least I met some wonderful people that I will keep in touch with, hopefully! What is weird is that most of us - the ones leaving - found a new job somehow related to the IT&C field. Strange coincidence!

Last night, in K.’s car, discussing about this end line. He asked if I was going to cry. And I answered I would, maybe Friday night, when I’d be at my mom’s…Yeah, I probably will! But not for long, as I have more important things to worry about. Like my new job, or getting better at Spanish and doing a serious French revision, which would help as well to get better results.

This year I really need to focus on school as well, to get involved in as many projects as possible to wipe out the feeling of complete waste of time that I have when looking back on the year I spent here. I know I actually did learn a lot and did meet interesting people, but still feel it was not worth screwing my final exams at the University, nor delaying them as I did.

Speaking of new projects, a friend of mine – movie director to be – asked me if I was interested in writing movie scripts. Of course I said yes. And I am going to try it, just for fun. Besides, it would really not hurt my career as a writer (if that is ever going to happen). So he sent me a script that I’ll look at and try to write an even better one! So wish me luck on this as well…

About how I feel lately, I found this Sonique song that says it way better than me:

You are the sun
You are the breeze
You’re the only one I want to please

You are the one
You are for me
You are the only one I want to please
posted by Alina @ 2:13 PM  
  • At 8/11/2005 2:48 PM, Blogger bart said…

    you've done your best, with all good intentions, but they weren't enough and it's time to move on unfortunately... i've been there, done that too and can feel the disappointment... look ahead, and learn from the past and you'll be allright... keep well

  • At 8/11/2005 3:14 PM, Blogger irina said…

    That´s called a turning point... Have strength and don´t look back... What it is to be shall be and you in it over your head!
    You´ll be fine, I know it!

  • At 8/11/2005 3:33 PM, Blogger Alina said…

    Thanks, guys! I know I'll be just fine! Still...

  • At 8/12/2005 8:42 AM, Blogger Sarah said…

    Hey there Kayla,
    I know it hurts girl leaving something you considered an important part of your life but trust me you will get over it but you will not forget it coz what we go through helps in shaping who we are. I mean every tiny detail that passes in our lives help us mould into the new us.
    You will not be unhappy the first day at work when you show up with butterflies in your stomach experincing the road-not taken again.
    You did your best and now it is time to MOVE ON.
    Wish you luck girl.
    Oh by the way I do love sonique’s lyrics it is very deep sometimes. There was this one about being free do not remember the name though.


  • At 8/12/2005 10:20 AM, Blogger Alina said…

    You are right Jade, I know! Once I'm through with this last day thing, I'm sure I'll start feeling those butterflies!

  • At 8/12/2005 12:42 PM, Blogger doshar said…

    you do have your hands full these days, and all productive things. keep it up. so, i think the end will be easier than you think. just get involved quickly with your other stuff.

    the song: you are in quite a romantic mood. nice mood!

  • At 8/12/2005 12:50 PM, Blogger Alina said…

    That's what I'm planning to do, Doshar, focus on other things!

    And yes, I am in a quite romantic mood! I have K to blame for that!

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