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Thursday, February 02, 2006
The Kama Sutra worm/Blackworm
I don’t usually post work related news, but this new threat has really caught my eye…It all started by emails presenting the virus and its “potential” that every one took for hoaxes at first. When taking a better look, the threat turned out to be real.

This nice little malware (malicious software) does what you would have most: takes all your .doc, .txt and .pdf files and others of this type, then, on the 3rd of the month, it deletes them. Imagine how nice it will be to find yourself without an important paper due the next day? I would really go nuts to be honest!

Luckily, all antivirus products are detecting and disinfecting it by now (Even Norton :D). But it got me wondering as it did before. Some say it’s AV software producers who create these viruses of all kinds to keep the business going. So I had a little chat with a colleague of mine from the Virus Lab, whose job is practically adding signatures for new threats.

As he said, most new variants of malware are created by socially impaired people who want to feel like they control the world and usually consist in old variants that are copied and then a few code lines are changed. Voila! New virus! Real threats, like the one I’ve just told you about, are quite rare. Those who create such “masterpieces” are the real smart ones, and although I could admire their intelligence at a certain point, I’d have to say, why the heck did you pick on me with your new cool virus?

Viruses take it all out on normal users mostly. Windows users…cause as you know, Linux viruses are just a few. I don’t know who creates such nice little programs, but if I ever met one, I would take his precious malware and stick it up his ass!
A more technical description of Blackworm - Nyxem here and a removal tool as well. Keep safe!
posted by Alina @ 9:29 AM  
  • At 2/02/2006 10:23 PM, Blogger bart said…

    hey alina... i know, some people seek validation in totally disfunctional ways and it's such a cramp when it gets in our way at times...

    i wonder what we can do to reduce the social stress that causes such a misformed social view, one that is more interested in causing problems for others than contributing to the common good, one in which we all can feel safe and free of problems...

    (just my rant for the evening... please excuse me... sigh...)

  • At 2/03/2006 9:33 AM, Blogger Alina said…

    You are right, society has its part of guilt in all this. But I really don't know what should be done in order to prevent it...Maybe when security software will reach such a high development state that new malware will be detected immediately, they will loose interest in such creations...But who knows what else they'd pick up to get even with those they clearly want to harm.

    I have no doubt some of the virus designers and hackers are quite brilliant and they could do some good, but seems like rejection and frustration seem to be the most powerful engines behing their minds' work.

  • At 2/04/2006 10:06 AM, Blogger LouLou said…

    Kayla don't you wish you were a Mac user at times like this?

  • At 2/05/2006 8:18 AM, Blogger Alina said…

    Not really, cause I hate the Mac mouse :)Had my share of Macs in some Journalism DTP classes...But I do wish I had some Linux knowledge, not because of the viruses, I kind of know how to deal with them, but because it is good to be acquainted to all operating systems or to most of them :)

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