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Sunday, October 22, 2006
Of Women and Cars
They say men love their cars excessively. There is no going between a man and his car. Threaten their beloved, and you will get wild beasts on your back. Well women are just the same. They love their cars to extremes, spare no effort on them and treat them like their most treasured belonging.

I took my car to the spa today (read car wash here). Gave her the Exclusive program, had her interior cleaned properly, and decorated it with her new carpets (I have no idea if this is the correct name in English). They are black with red border, to fit her colors.

While it was cleaned, I was checking the whole process closely, with an “expert eye” attitude. You can never be sure with these car washers, it’s not their car, they might not treat my Mushroom corresponding to her high status :P

Weird enough, I chose to call her Little Mushroom (Ciupercuta in Romanian). This was my own nickname in primary school. But while I was called that because I was so short, everyone was taller than me, I called my firey Peugeot 107 that because she looks like those delicious red mushrooms that I saw drawn on children’s books.

I pampered her as much as I could today. The VIP program, no matter how much. And I was being judgmental with people not doing the very best for their cars. Now it’s time for some pampering for myself, just a little bit, while preparing for a new hard week of school and work, work and school! Oh, yeah, and aerobics!

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posted by Alina @ 7:41 PM  
  • At 10/22/2006 8:19 PM, Blogger Shirazi said…

    Women and Cars! These are the two subject we men talk about most. You too?

  • At 10/22/2006 8:30 PM, Blogger Cristina Banu said…

    LOL! We talk about men and cars :). Alina, today I watched also the entire process, maybe out of boredom and because I was interested in the car washing procedure as well :).

  • At 10/22/2006 10:13 PM, Blogger 2 B || ! 2 B ® said…

    sweet, i just got a new ride and was cheering for her :) glad to find woman has the same feelings towards her car, i started to suspect that Y Chromosome includes some attract2car proteins:)

  • At 10/23/2006 4:20 AM, Blogger Safiya said…

    Hi, I'm back! Good to know you are well and still as busy as always.

    How do you pronounce "Ciupercuta"?
    I'm starting to think that Romanian is secretly on of the world's most beautiful languages. :)

  • At 10/23/2006 12:07 PM, Blogger Alina said…

    Shi, for us is like this: men, women, and cars :P

    Cris, I think you watched it because none of has had anything better to do :P

    2 B || ! 2 B ®, yup, we do love our cars just the same, most of us, at least!

    Safiya, glad to see you back!
    tSuperkutze - Ok, Safiya, apparently phonetics sounds are not accepted here. It is tS as in "check: u as in "put", e as in "get", u again as in "put" and that e shold be diplayed differently...and is pronounced as the "u" in turn. Hope I made it clear :) And yes, it is a beautiful language

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