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Thursday, December 21, 2006
I keep on leaving…
The Gecad Group Christmas party was something extremely different from what companies do on such events. Yes, we had the drinks and the food, but the regular party was turned into a theatre play.

Hosted by the Nottara Theatre, this was the best theatre play I had seen in many years! The kind that makes you think and rethink everything. The kind that makes you feel someone has seen deep into your heart!

It is called “Ma tot duc” (I keep on leaving). Well, the translation is not perfect, but I have no better idea right now. Oana Pellea and Miahi Gruia Sandu had made our night perfect. And I am sure this night will stay with me forever. Just like some other plays I’ve seen at the Equinox Studio in Ploiesti.

I could tell you what the play was about. But telling its story is really not impressive. It has to be seen, experienced, lived…I believe there is something to learn for everyone, hidden between its multiple layers.

The play was followed by a very interesting conversation with the two actors. On theatre, different types of audience, the play, their experiences. They said people in the audience who were on the verge of breaking up, actually got their relationship sorted out and continued it after the play. One of my colleagues said she would have expected quite the opposite. I think it highly depends on circumstances.

The effect I felt? Well, I felt some things I was only barely feeling were said out loud. Thoughts I had postponed were brought into the spotlight and dealt with. And I made my peace with them. I also made my peace with letting go, with unhappy endings.

Indeed, the world is filled with nobodies, with lonely people, though we refuse to see it most of the times. We should acknowledge it: our loneliness, others’, then work on it. Facing all we actually wish to be gone, and then change whatever we can. Indeed, we need to live with our eyes, minds and hearts wide open.


Later you said. I was not surprised later never happened. Yes, you have this habit of postponing things indefinitely. Important and unimportant alike. You should pay more attention to the important ones. Life really waits for no one. One day it is simply over, regardless of your actually taking the time to live it or not.

posted by Alina @ 11:02 AM  
  • At 12/22/2006 12:17 AM, Blogger bart said…

    the world belongs to the clowns, since reality and illusion are so close to each other and yet we take such desperate measures to keep them apart... reality kills the soul at all the wrong moments, illusion and frivolity wakes the people we should have been up to renew the struggle against the daily mediocrity which surrounds us...

    keep well...

  • At 12/22/2006 9:49 AM, Blogger Alina said…

    Yup, definitely, you would have enjoyed every moment of it. especially given the fact that you can see through parts of it only from what I wrote and the two photos.

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